In which I perform surgery on myself…

Tuesday I was preparing vegetables for dinner and thought it would be nice to use up my zucchini to fix myself a healthy, tasty lunch.

What happened next is awful. Please note, after the jump there will be detailed description and a picture of a wound. Please do not view if you are squeamish or if you don’t want to see a finger with a gaping hole in the side of it…

…You’ve been warned.

I was slicing my zucchini on a brand new mandoline (veggie) slicer Mr. Wench had bought two nights prior. I was being careful…until BabyBoy randomly woke up screaming. I jumped, and then said “Aaaagggghhh.” No screaming, yelling, or crying…I just said “Aaaagggghhh.” I went to the sink to view the damage, and I started shaking as right then my body said “OMFG a wound! This needs blood, now!!” and blood began pouring from my finger. BabyBoy was still screaming, but I had to get the situation under control first. I ran into the bathroom and attempted to wash my finger. Not so successful…but I managed.

Then I scrambled for the first aid kit we keep under the bathroom sink while trying to hold my finger over the sink so I didn’t bleed all over the place. I snapped a picture to send to Mr. Wench.

Ouch. This wound hurts.

Within 10 seconds of washing it…

Mr. Wench brushed it off as a slight flesh wound…of course, the view of the damage was obstructed by all the blood coming from it…

Just wouldn't stop bleeding...

I’m normally a good Dr. Mom, but this was beyond my abilities.

So I bandaged it up and promptly bled through the gauze within a minute. After changing it a fourth time, I snapped another pic.

This is the picture I shared on Facebook…of the three pics I took, this is definitely the least gruesome. I texted Mr. Wench to stop for more gauze, as I had bled through our entire supply. I didn’t skimp on the gauze either…I really packed it on.

Mr. Wench shot back a text…”You really need more gauze for a little cut?” After assuring him that he could see the wound when he got home, and that I wasn’t exaggerating, he agreed to pick up more gauze.

When he got home, I changed the dressing again, and called him in when I had gotten the old bloody dressing off. He looked at the wound and cringed, then sent me to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor dunked my finger in lidocaine and then promptly cleaned my finger, then had me swirl it around for a few minutes in diluted alcohol. Even with the lidocaine, it hurt really bad. He then put some gelfoam (to help the wound clot up), and put another dressing on it. Before he did all that, I managed to get another picture that shows the damage much better…I had sliced a chunk of the side of the tip of my finger, and it cut down to the muscle.

Ow! Ouch! *screams* It's such a gross looking wound!

Um…yeah. Ouch.

It hurt.

But also, I have to note that I managed to take care of BabyBoy, AND get dinner prepared. Go me!


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