All your writes are belong to us…

NaNo has been consuming me, eating at me…and in a wonderful twist of amazeballs, I have become personally vested in this story. If you’ve ever written a story, what I’m about to say will completely make sense. If not, well, try to understand…

This story has taken on a life of its own. I am not writing the story, it is using me to be written. I type out the story, unsure of the next plot twist, unsure of this character’s name or that character’s background. I was writing, and thinking to myself “God, I am so tired of referring to this character as ‘the girl’…what the hell is her name?”, and within the next three chapters, I found out her name.

I had an outline, a general plot, the main characters, the setting, and how I wanted this tale to end. But now, it is writing itself and I have deviated so far from what I wanted that I’m amazed I’m even able to write it at all, and still stay on track with my word count for NaNo. I had fallen woefully behind, but I have caught up and surpassed the daily average thanks to a couple nights of non-stop writing.

The novel is out of order, unedited, and I am pretty sure some chapters could use some more fine tuning and additional writing. There’s one chapter that I’m fairly certain will not be in the final novel. What started as a story about a comatose psychiatric patient stuck in a dream world has turned into a tale of a cursed king whose queen vanishes at dusk, reappears at high noon and has no memory of herself. Nevermind that now that I think about it, my first premise sounds an awful lot like the plot for Sucker Punch, so I’m glad that I veered off course. Scratch that. I’m glad my story had other plans. It is no longer my story, as I am merely its writer. It’s a good thing.

One of my main writing flaws is I have no patience for plot development, so to have this story take over for me is a relief. I can write and write and not get pissed off that I’m not getting to the end point. Most of my stories have exhausted their plot by the end of the second chapter, that’s how much I HATE plot development. I hate descriptions too, as they make the plot slow down, and I want to know what happens NOW, damnit. I have forced myself to make sure I describe all I see in my mind while writing this, because I have to make myself understand that while normally I like to leave things to the readers and their imaginations, some people need to have things spelled out for them (ala Twilight…I hate myself for loving Twilight but come on…overdescriptive much?), or even just a slight nudge in the right direction to give them the gist of what I see in my mind.

I am looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I can’t promise I’ll write here again before NaNo ends on November 31st, but I will try.

But in case I don’t, I will catch you in December…


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