The light at the end is a train…

Miraculously, here I am, still managing to muddle through my day with a high-maintenance ToddlerGirl and a nearly 3-month-old BabyBoy who is still not on any sort of schedule (I must have jinxed myself in my last entry…), and still not sleeping through the night. Neither BabyBoy or I have gotten much sleep…he was doing well…for two days.

Anyways…my friend over at Manifest Mom has challenged me to write something. She didn’t say what, so today’s post might jump around…a lot. Here we go…To expand on BabyBoy’s sleep schedule, or lack thereof…I have not slept in my bed in nearly 3 months. THREE FRICKING MONTHS. There was one night, when Wench-in-law kept the baby…one night out of THREE MONTHS. My body is in a constant state of ache. Probably not helped much by the clusterbomb of my mouth.

My front teeth are presentable, and that’s about it. I never had a single cavity in my entire life until I got pregnant with SchoolGirl. NOT A ONE. Lack of proper dental care (I can’t afford it) compounded with each pregnancy and somehow I went from having no cavities to having many. And a broken tooth. Did I mention the broken tooth that has somehow avoided getting infected or abscessed for the past year and a half? It broke in May of 2010. So in four months, it will have been broken for two years. I need to knock on wood now that I haven’t jinxed myself, because I don’t have insurance.

That’s right…thanks to not being pregnant anymore, I have lost my insurance. If I get sick, I have to rack up medical bills. If I get injured…medical bills. If my tooth gets infected and I get sick from it….medical bills. My credit score had started to recover itself after I paid off my student loans, and now I need to hope and pray I don’t get sick enough to warrant a doctor…scratch that…no doctor will see me without insurance and without the ability to fork over 140 bucks per visit…I’d have to go to the ER.

I’m digressing. Sleep. Yes. Anyways, I don’t sleep much, and I am just tired.

Today, Wench in Law was at her mother’s, and had me bring over ToddlerGirl and BabyBoy for an hour…did I come home and sleep? Nooo…I made dinner. And tidied up. Now, post-dinner, my kitchen is a wreck….and I am ready to fall into what I call a Mommy Coma. Thank goodness the kids don’t need baths tonight, and I can kick back and relax for a few. I’m not ready to clean my kitchen yet. Maybe I’ll ponder dinner for tomorrow…leftovers. That’s the ticket…Mr. Wench, if you are reading this, we are having leftovers for dinner tomorrow.

BabyBoy is asleep right now, and I think, in a half hour, when the girls go to sleep, I will also lie down (Lay down? Lei down? Lye down?) Ooo…there is a commercial for a new season of Dog the Bounty Hunter…he has some good looking sons, mm-mm-MM!

So yes, dear readers, I am still alive, and still here. I promise I will try to write more often, so long as you promise to keep reading, and promise to say prayers or whatever it is you do that BabyBoy sleeps through the night soon, and that we get into a sort of groove before he starts cutting teeth (he’s already pre-teething…), and that I get at least a week of rest before the middle of the night teething sessions begin.

I hope 2012 brings you joy, love, and many happy returns. Here’s to you, and let’s all hope the Mayans are wrong, or that we’re misunderstanding them. Happy New Year!


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