Consumer Review: My K-Cup

I don’t normally do consumer reviews. Maybe I should start. But anyways, today I utilized a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon to purchase the My K-cup for my Keurig. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, My K-cup allows you to brew a single cup of coffee on your Keurig using your own coffee (I used Maxwell House for this review).

I exist on coffee. With a mobile seven-month old, a four year old, and a seven year old, my days are busy, and without coffee, are spent trying to catch up on rest. So coffee is sort of my lifeline. I inherited my Keurig from a couple who are very good friends of the Mister and I. I love my Keurig. I was so tired of brewing a whole pot of coffee and having some go to waste. Brewing one cup at a time was more economical for me. K-cups, however, per cup, are by far more expensive. Luckily I’m usually able to find a good deal. My favorite flavors are the Folger’s Black Silk, and Caribou Blend by Caribou Coffee.

So I bought the My K-cup today.

My K-Cup


At first glance, it seems fairly simple. It consists of a filter, filter holder, and lid.

 And it really is pretty straight-forward. You put coffee in the filter, slip the filter in the filter holder, and screw on the lid.

 I was really looking forward to a delicious cup of strong coffee, so I put the My K-cup into my Keurig (you must remove the machine’s K-cup holder before inserting the My K-cup assembly), and set the brew for a small cup. Suddenly there’s hot water dripping all around the bottom of the Keurig where the coffee comes out. As in, completely missing the cup, though the center stream of coffee went in the cup. It was kind of messy.

I added a small amount of sugar and half & half, and prepared to sip on my first cup of the day… And nearly spit it out. It tasted like a watered down mix of cream and sugar with almost no coffee flavor. Which kind of shocked me, since the coffee stream coming out was so very dark, I had actually had concerns that the coffee would be too strong. I dumped out the cup and tried again.

This time, in direct disobedience of the little pamphlet’s instructions, I tamped the coffee down. Water still went everywhere, but this time I had a passable cup of coffee. If you like weak coffee, then by all means brew according to directions. If you like your coffee strong, like me, I’d suggest maybe getting an extremely dark roast coffee, as brewing it in the My K-cup will significantly diminish the strength. 

All that being said, it is a handy device, though I think it could use some tweaking, and at nearly 20 bucks retail, I think if I hadn’t had a coupon, and if it hadn’t been on sale, I don’t think I would have paid full price for it. As it is, when I run out of Maxwell House, I will probably purchase a really dark roast coffee. Maybe I’ll try Folger’s Black Silk or a French Roast and see how that comes out. For what I paid though, I think I got a pretty good deal, but by all means, I wouldn’t recommend paying full price for it.


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