An Adventure in Hummus.

I like hummus. My favorite flavor is sundried tomato and basil. I’ve recently become enamored with Whole Foods and their wall of bulk dry foods. Seeing that chickpeas were cheap, I decided to buy some, and promptly set about attempting to make hummus. Be warned, this isn’t pretty. Sometimes, in Merry’s Kitchen, I will share my culinary failures. Learn from my mistake.

I started off with a cup of chickpeas, soaked them in warm water for oh about four hours. They weren’t completely dried and shriveled chickpeas, but they werent canned either.

I think my biggest mistake was omitting the tahini and substituting, per the recipe I had on hand, a cup of the liquid I boiled them in. I boiled them for about five hours, then blended them with a cup of olive oil, a half cup of sundried tomatoes, and basil to taste. I also accidentally dumped some cumin in there. Don’t ask me how that happened. Three kids and a noisy house makes for some distracting…distractions.

What I ended up with was tasty, don’t get me wrong. It was passable. But the texture…grainy, like someone had dumped tiny dried bean grains into my hummus. I tried to blend the crap out of it, but alas, I only possess a humble drink blender. It works for most food processing that I need to do, but it is no KitchenAid.

The Mister remarked that it tasted like something he would find in a burrito, thanks to the accidental addition of the cumin. I won’t traumatize you with pictures. It was bad. Hopefully I will soon have a successful hummus experience to share.

Don’t undersoak your chickpeas. Even if you boil the crap out of them, you will still wind up with a grainy textured hummus that will completely ruin your hummus, no matter how good it tastes.


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