Consumer Review: eKobrew from Whole Foods

Today was a magical day in the Wench household, for today we journeyed to the land of organic and preservative-free wonder that is Whole Foods.

I cannot say enough good about this store. They have amazing prices for any cook/mom that just wants her family to eat healthier. I had posted a review of the My K-cup coffee cup for the Keurig brewer I own. I had less than acceptable results and a messy counter when I was done.

I was looking over their coffee section to see if they had any K-cups, as I was out of coffee, when I stumbled upon this little $10 gem.

eKobrew better than my k-cup...

Wow. As soon as I got home, I brewed myself a cup. Unlike the My K-cup, the eKobrew doesn’t require removal of the K-cup holder. You just put the coffee in it, place it in the K-cup holder, and brew, and there is less mess coming out of the machine and all over my counter. I added my sugar and half & half, and warily took a sip, expecting a similar result to the My K-cup. I was wrong. The cup of coffee made with the eKobrew cup was quite possibly the best cup of joe I’ve gotten out of my Keurig. EVER. I’m a devoted fan, and the price can’t be beat. It retails for 13.99, but when it rang up at the register, it rang up at 9.99. I’m not arguing, and should my eKobrew ever break, I will gladly buy another.


3 responses to “Consumer Review: eKobrew from Whole Foods

  1. I was thinking of buying one for my Keurig machine also. It’s a lot cheaper to use this than buying K Cups.

    Just wondering – how do you clean the eKobrew?

  2. Great, thanks!

    I will definitely buy it on Amazon.

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