A Migraine Sufferer’s Prayer

Let my aura be long, that I may have the time to medicate before it’s too late.
Let the pain be short lived, as not to rob me of precious time.
Let me not be incapacitated, let me function as best I can.
Let the lights be dim and the sounds be soft.
Let the children play nicely, let the cat be satisfied with his food.
O give me strength to fight through the nausea, for I do not want to spend my day puking.
Uncloud my brain, that I may speak coherently. “Down sit and kids dinner…sit dinner, and eat your kids.” does not make sense.
Please take the pain away from my muscles. Just because you hurt, brain, doesn’t mean the rest of me should hurt too.
It’s all in your head, brain, seriously. I get that fighting pain makes you tired. The rest of me has crap to do, thank you very much.
Go away and don’t come back.


One response to “A Migraine Sufferer’s Prayer

  1. Fantastic post, I really look forward to updates from you.

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