Product Review: Blue Agave Syrup – A Must-Have!

I love Whole Foods. That store is like a wonderland of organic, preservative-free goodness.

I also love Dunkin Donuts. And, if you are like me, you know that on any given day, having the worker get your order right is a crapshoot. If you say, “I’d like a large iced coffee, extra sugar and extra cream”, you’re probably going to choke on undissolved sugar crystals. And if you order that same item at another location, or even if another worker at the same location takes your order, your coffee could taste completely different.

A good solution is simple syrup (sugar dissolved in hot water and then chilled), but I don’t keep it on hand. You could use honey, but then there’s the added taste of, well…honey.

Enter blue agave syrup. At Whole Foods, they sell this in bulk. You take an empty container (a bear honey jar), fill it, and go. I have found that blue agave is replacing simple syrup in almost all my drinks. It adds no extra flavor, like honey does, and it’s easy to keep on hand, unlike simple syrup. I add it to my iced coffee when it’s less than sweet and it perks it up nicely, with no sugar crystals to choke on.

I add it into smoothies. Where previously I had to make a small batch of simple syrup to add to my smoothies, a teaspoon of blue agave in my blender does the trick quite nicely.

I also added some to a batch of sangria I had made. I had used an extremely dry red wine, and the fruit did not sweeten it up enough. A teaspoon of blue agave solved the problem and made my sangria very delicious.


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