Safe isn’t Always Safe…

ToddlerGirl totally saved her brother’s life today. Seriously. I was in the bathroom, with the door open (because otherwise the Apocalypse would take place in my house if I couldn’t see what the kids were doing), and I heard BabyBoy begin to cough, but it sounded weird. He was in his pack and play, so I thought he couldn’t get anything in there.

I was wrong. Kind of. So I peek out the bathroom and I see ToddlerGirl with her fingers in her brother’s mouth. “ToddlerGirl,” says I, “what are you doing?”, to which she replies, “He ate it, Mommy.” and then she pulls her fingers out, clutching a thin blue plastic bracelet. BabyBoy coughed again, gagged once, and went about his merry business.

My heart stopped. Somehow, in his little sanctum, a small plastic bracelet belonging to one of the girls had taken residence, and my son nearly died while I was going number 2.

Thanks to the quick and calm action of his sister, my son is still here. ToddlerGirl doesn’t even realize what she did. In her innocent mind, she was rescuing her bracelet from her brother so “he wouldn’t throw up”. She doesn’t realize that swallowing that plastic ring, or failing to successfully completely swallow it, could have killed him.

I took her to Cici’s for lunch to reward her quick thinking, though she doesn’t realize that she’s become my new hero.


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