Consumer Review: Conscious Box – June 2012

The amazing folks at Conscious Box sent me their June 2012 box for review. For those of you who don’t know, Conscious Box is a subscription box service that for $12 a month plus S&H, sends you a box chock full of samples from eco-centric companies. According to their mission statement, “Conscious Box is committed to overcoming the problem of greenwashing. Used to describe deceptive business tactics that lead consumers to believe something is “green” when it really isn’t, “greenwashing” is rampant in today’s markets. We hope to educate, inform, and prevent consumers from falling for these tactics by providing them with products that are authentic and purposeful.”  ***Please see the end of this review for an exciting giveaway!***

And oh boy, do they deliver!!! I received my Conscious Box yesterday, but was unable to get started reviewing until today. The box itself is beautiful in its simplicity. The top is a little “window box” that every month features a different picture. I intend to repurpose the box top for gratuitous artwork.

Very simple and pretty.

Inside were goodies galore. I first removed a beautiful postcard of a forest scene. I haven’t decided who I’d like to send it to yet, or if I want to repurpose it for an art project for my mini-homeschool this summer.

Amazing Samples!!

In this month’s box was:

Vega One Nutritional Shake (Chocolate): If you like a thick nutritional shake that isn’t overly sweetened, then this is for you. At first taste, I have to be honest, I wasn’t too crazy about it. Then I worried that maybe it wasn’t cold enough. It’s in the fridge chilling, and I will post my second impression.

Artisana Sattva Cashew Butter: I love, love, love Cashew Butter, and I have to say, Artisana Foods’ Sattva Cashew Butter is, by far, the BEST I have ever tasted. Smooth and creamy, this Cashew Butter was not overly sticky like a lot of cashew butters seem to be. Very, very delicious. I will definitely buy this again.

EBOOST Energy+Immunity Shot (Acai+Pomegranate): A natural alternative to energy shots like 5 Hour Energy, which still contain caffeine, artificial flavors, and chemicals, this shot went down easy, tasted delicious, and guess what?! It really works!!! I have much more energy right now than I normally have with chasing after my kiddos. Definitely a must-have for this run-down, worn-out mama.

KO Denmark Lotion (Jasmine, Neroli & Rose): I have a confession. I have dry elbows. No matter what lotion I use, they stay dry. I don’t like oil-based lotions as they moisturize well, but make my skin feel slimy. Water based lotions are my favorite, but they seem to evaporate rather quickly, leading to multiple applications throughout the day. This lotion, while using plant oils, does not make my skin slimy. The lotion soaks in quickly, leaving my skin with a fresh, clean scent, and is a very effective moisturizer. I applied this lotion at 7 am, it’s now nearly 12, and my elbows are still soft. I would have had to reapply my lotion twice by now. Bonus: It’s free of parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances, phthalates (a chemical added to plastic to make it more flexible), and silicone. This is definitely a new favorite. Check out their website to find a retailer near you.

Nuti-Masu Life Ocean Salt: From the islands of Okinawa in the southern-most part of Japan, Nuti-Masu Life Ocean Salt is a very fine salt made from the waters surrounding Okinawa, considered to be some of the clearest water in the world. The salt particles are, according to their website, less than a nanometer in size. The small packet sample I received confirmed this, as it appears as a fine white powder. Nuti-Masu is intended for mixture in water to create an electrolyte-replenishing sports drink for a fraction of the cost. I enjoyed this drink immensely, though I would suggest, if you are used to Gatorade, to mix it in with a glass of organic juice, as the flavor did take me a little bit by surprise, but in all, I enjoyed it in the water. (*Note*The Okinawan Islands are 2000 miles away from the region affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The waters around Okinawa are monitored regularly, and have shown no toxic elements or radiation associated with the Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns.)

Lära Bar (Cappuccino): I’ve always wanted to try a Lära Bar, but never got around to it. I took a bite of this bar and was blown away. I love coffee. Coffee is a staple of my diet, and the flavor really shined in this bar. If you aren’t a fan of coffee, try another flavor, as the coffee flavor is very strong. The texture was enjoyable as well. Most nutritional bars have a very mealy texture that just kind of falls apart in your mouth, and not in a good way. Not so with the Lära Bar. These will definitely be appearing in my cabinet.

Mighty Leaf Tea (2 packets, one Earl Grey and one Jasmine): I’ve only had a chance to try the Jasmine Tea, as I know I’ll like the Earl Grey…This whole-leaf tea comes in a (biodegradable!) pouch that, according to my info card that came in my Conscious Box, is free of staples and glue. Mighty Leaf is also a participant in Good Partner Initiatives. The Jasmine tea…WOW! The flavor is light and smooth, and is a delightfully refreshing cuppa tea, even on a hot day. I really think the whole leaf makes a difference in flavor, as it’s bolder than other Jasmine teas I have tried, whose flavors I have found to be diluted due to crushed and over-processed leaves.

Natural Vitality Energy 28: This vegan energy booster is, according to the packet, to be added to water, juice, etc, to utilize natural ingredients to boost energy by nourishing the body. This is an interesting concept. A properly-nourished body will naturally have more energy, as opposed to a malnutritioned body, which is more prone to depression, illness, and fatigue. The packet said to add it to water. No. Drink this undiluted, it truly is a wonderful treat, with flavors of agave, berries, and acai. Amazing. I love the flavor, I love the fact that there is no caffeine or unnatural added sugars. The sweetness comes naturally from their organic ingredients. It is vegan, GMO-free, and gluten-free. I adore this.

Savvy Boeheme Allons-Y Natural (for REAL) Deodorant (Lavender/Grapefruit): I almost put this on my lips, as the sample came in what appeared to be chapstick form. But it really works! The ingredients, according to their website, are: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Aluminum free (READ THIS) Baking Soda, GMO-Free Rice Powder, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Pesticide-Free, Raw, Local Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Calendula Oil, Essential Oils of Peppermint and Rosemary, Sage Extract. How cool is that? I can pronounce all the ingredients!

Vita Rocks: Who doesn’t love PopRocks? I love them. So I was super-stoked to have two packets of Vita Rocks to try. Lemon Burst, and Cherry Blast. These are like PopRocks…except they’re CRAMMED with vitamins! At first, you can taste that they are vitamins, but then once they start popping, the sweetness comes through. These are delicious, fun, and good for you! They’re sweetened with brown rice syrup and evaporated cane juice. I love the subtle way that brown rice syrup sweetens. I’m definitely a fan!

The Natural Newborn Bug Stopper Soap: I haven’t had the opportunity to try this yet, but the fact that it is free of DEET, is 100% natural, using pure herbs and essential oils, really excites me. I don’t exactly like spraying chemicals on my kids, but then again, who does?

Kelp Krunch (Original Sesame): I have to confess, when I first saw this, I thought “Seaweed? Kelp? Eww”, but then I tentatively bit into it and started chewing. Oh my goodness, why didn’t anyone tell me kelp could be so tasty?! Allow me to list the ingredients, direct off the packaging: Sesame seeds, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, kelp. That’s it. No artificial flavors, no chemicals, no GMOs, and best of all, part of the proceeds from every bar sold go to Allied Whale, one of the country’s oldest whale research & conservation organizations. Good for you, AND good for our planet! (*NOTE* Get your orders in before July 20th, as they shut down for the month of August.)

Also included in my Conscious Box was a gift certificate for $5 at Soap Hope, where 100% of their profits go to help lift women from poverty. They are running a promotion right now where if you purchase $20 worth of makeup, they will send you a voucher good for $20…stock up on some makeup, help out impoverished women, AND get $20 to spend in their store! What an awesome, inspiring deal!

All in all, the Conscious Box is an AMAZING deal. It introduces you to vetted companies that care about the world around them, and are dedicated to organic living and making a difference. You really can’t beat it, and I highly recommend it!! I’m in love, that’s for sure!

***Update: Want to give Conscious Box a try? See an exciting giveaway announcement here!***


19 responses to “Consumer Review: Conscious Box – June 2012

  1. Wow, that box is disappointing to me. I am getting tired of the tea and energy drink products. I am not finding much to be excited about. And, deodorant without aluminum is not uncommon – it’s more commonly found in a deodorant/antiperspirant combo. My husband bought me a 3 month sub for Mother’s Day and I have to say that unless July’s box knocks my socks off, I won’t continue to receive these boxes. They are really of relatively low value to me. Did the EBoost really taste good? I have yet to sample one of their products that did not make me gag.

    • Sam,

      First, thanks for reading my review and offering your honest opinion.

      I love tea, and energy products, so the June Box was right up my alley. I can understand that not everyone would like this.

      As for the deodorant, I don’t like chemicals that interfere with what my body does. My current antiperspirant/deodorant is full of chemicals, so I was really excited to try a deodorant that is made with all natural ingredients. As for the aluminum, I posted Savvy Boeheme’s link to an article that explains why many people are under the misconception that baking soda contains aluminum. It is not baking soda which contains aluminum, but baking powder.

      I honestly enjoyed the EBoost, I found it much more palatable than the 5 Hour Energy. I genuinely liked nearly all the products, with the exception of the Vega One Nutritional Shake. Some people might like it, it just wasn’t my cup of tea (pardon the pun).

      Have you tried emailing Conscious Box to express your dissatisfaction?

      I personally enjoyed the box, and I hope that July’s is more up your alley. Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. The proliferation of drink/vitamin products is disappointing. I was expecting a broader range of products similar to the April box. I did express my dissatisfaction with the numerous drink products on their facebook page last month.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the box 🙂

  3. I find they are a bit “food heavy”, but nevertheless, I enjoy the boxes, since our household is mostly vegan/raw. It’s always nice to discover new food items that we would buy if we knew about them. I wrote about Conscious Box for two regional magazines in March and the readers were excited to find another box catering to natural enthusiasts. And Savvy Boheme is amazing – one of my favorite brands.

  4. Well, I tried the EBoost and I have to say it tasted AWFUL!

    We obviously have different taste preferences 🙂

    Loved the cashew butter, yum. The kelp bar – did not care for that one – yuck. I thought i would like it too.

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    • Hi Cheyenne,

      Thank you so much for your feedback! I never had an issue with Customer Service and have been very pleased with the boxes! I’m sorry you don’t feel the same, but I appreciate your comment just the same. I hope you have a happy holiday season!


    • Agreed. I got my box yesterday and threw away 3/4 of it. Not nearly as “natural” as they claim. There were several packets of agave nectar. This is a highly manufactured product and not a natural sweetener at all. Yuck!

      • I am so sorry that you were not happy with your Conscious Box. I reviewed this box a year and a half ago, and I reviewed another one back in May, if I remember correctly. I don’t know if they’ve changed the box at all, but the two I got to review, at least, I was very pleased with. I would advise contacting Conscious Box to express your dissatisfaction to at least make them aware of the issue, if you haven’t already. If you need any help contacting them, please fill out a form so it goes to my email, and I’d be happy to help in any way I can, but unfortunately, I can’t speak for the company, so if you haven’t, I’d do that. My last dealings with them were pleasant, and my first dealings with them were great as well, I’m sure they’d want to know about the issue and maybe correct it.

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  8. DO NOT GIVE IN TO THEIR ‘FREE’ OFFER’S!! They auto renew your subscription on the 1st of each month no matter when you signed up!! So what that means is, if you sign up on the 20th of the month for a subscription, they charge you on the 1st for another box. I did not cancel my subscription until I received an email that my box was shipped (the 2nd of March) and when I checked my account, they had already charged me for another box. They REFUSE to give refunds so do not sign up for any free products unless you plan on paying for another the next month. Customer service is 100 times better at Nature Box and they are actually pleasant to talk to, unlike this companies. I will never purchase form this company based on their principle, which obviously isn’t customer service since they refuse to give a refund, and solely on the fact that I am completely dissatisfied with the way I was treated.

    • Hi Kirstie,

      Thanks for your comment, first of all!

      Have you tried reaching out to customer service? I didn’t gather from your comment if you did. I never had any issues with customer support, though it has been nearly a year since the last time I worked with them, so it is possible things have changed.

      If you haven’t, try reaching out to them, if only to suggest a change to their setup as far as orders go…

      In the meantime, I have gotten enough comments in this vein to prompt me to send off an email to Conscious Box, if only to make them aware of the nature of issues some people have with the way their billing and order services are setup.

      I do feel the need to point out that Conscious Box is a subscription box service, so it is to be expected that they offer varying subscription plans. However, I think having a “one time only” order option would be a great idea for them to implement, for people who’d like to try a box before they commit to a monthly charge on their billing methods.

      Thanks again for the feedback, and thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

      Have a great day!

      • Yes i did reach out the them and they said their was nothing they could do. They kept fl referring me to the FAQ page a d saying they do not give out refunds. The guy was rude and the overall experience was just terrible.

      • I am so sorry to hear that! I will make sure I let them know in my email…I can’t promise it will have results, I’m just a small blogger, but I will pass along your experience!

      • That’s good enough for me!! Thank you

  9. Almost all of the things they send are “free” samples that are easily obtained from established companies. So they have developed a racket where they get companies to send them free samples and then they charge people and send you the things they got for free, as a sales technique genius for the consumer a giant rip off.

  10. Hi there, I want to echo what Kirstie is saying in case your readers are thinking about this-

    I subscribed over a year ago, have not enjoyed my boxes, but my subscription was automatically renewed. They didn’t even send me a notification that they had charged my credit card! I only found out by digging through my statements.

    Joe from customer service also sent me screenshots of their current FAQ page. I googled an archived version of their webpage from back when I subscribed (April 2013) to show that back then there was nothing in the FAQ about automatic renewals.

    Given that hulu and spotify were both recently hit with class action lawsuits in the past couple of months regarding automatic renewals, I’m surprised Conscious Box is not making efforts to be more accomodating…

    Please keep us updated if they respond to your email!!!

  11. They green wash themselves this should have been obvious in the fact they claim to be eco-friendly but push pseudo-scientific ideas such as ‘organic’ and Appeal to Nature fallacy. Just because something is natural it doesn’t mean it is good, people. Also they claim GMO-free is somehow good for the environment. We can use and have used GMOs to help. I have yet to find anything that isn’t just fad-based green ideas. It’s the feel-good factor based on scaremongering instead of scientific endeavour and I’m sick of so many people falling for it. Organic is not pesticide free, they are allowed to use pesticides deemed of natural origin some of which hare awful for the environment eg. copper sulphate. Stop being fed ideas of ‘green advocates’ they can be as deceptive as anything else it doesn’t matter if they’re NGOs they can still have their ideologies. Greenpeace has gone this way. I’m longing for actual conscious products with tested ideas instead of pushing bollocks like buzzwords like ‘organic’ ‘chemical-free’ (which is a nonsense word if you have any idea about chemistry) and ‘natural’ as if natural is BETTER! That is a fallacy could people just stop believing everything people say just because they’re NGOs

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