The Natural Newborn – Bug Stopper Soap

I mentioned Bug Stopper Soap from The Natural Newborn a couple entries back when I did my review of the Conscious Box. I stated that I had not yet had a chance to try it, but would let you all know when I did.

Through a letter to the Kansas City Attachment Parenting Forums, I became slightly acquainted with Christina Alba, who is the owner of the Natural Newborn (and a bunch of other nice ladies who got a kick out of my tongue-in-cheek letter…hi gals!), and she requested that I let her know what I thought of Bug Stopper Soap when I got a chance to try it.

I got that chance tonight. I used it on my girls’ arms and legs before going outside to catch fireflies. Mosquitoes are bad here this year. I can’t step outside without getting bit.

If you’re like me, and grew up in a rural area and camped a lot as a kid, you knew one smell heralded the start of summer…DEET. DEET is a chemical used in many insect repellent sprays. It will also melt certain kinds of plastic, dissolve ink off of plastic packaging, and can do a wicked number on that cute little manicure you’ve got going there. Surely there must be a better way.

And there is. I remember, as a child, playing in my great-grandmother’s backyard. She had a bunch of little plants called pennyroyal. Every time I went outside she would have me pluck a bit of it, crush it in my hands, and rub it on my arms and legs. It would keep the bugs away, she said. I remember the smell distinctly.

When I opened up the sample of the Bug Stopper Soap, I found myself smiling a little at the scent of citronella and pennyroyal. I washed my kids’ arms and legs with it, and then washed my own hands with it, just because I loved the smell.

Granted, my girls got a bath after playing outside, but I didn’t see one new bite on them. This soap really works, and it smells awesome too!

You can find Bug Stopper Soap at The Natural Newborn, along with this amazing-sounding product, which is definitely going on my birthday wishlist (Note to Mister: This would probably feel awesome on your feet too…and I’m willing to share!!).


One response to “The Natural Newborn – Bug Stopper Soap

  1. Sweet! So glad you like the soap. Thanks for the dedicated product review. And I love how it brings back memories of your child hood and great grandmother. That makes me smile.

    (Note to Mister: There’s a coupon code in the insert of the Conscious Box) 😉

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