Cleaning Nightmares and Father’s Day…

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! This morning, BabyBoy and I got my Mister his favorite breakfast from Bob Evans. He enjoyed it. The girls have made Father’s Day card with their handprints on them, and when BabyBoy wakes up from his nap, he will make one with his hand and footprint in it.

I’d be remiss if I forgot my other favorite dads of all: My dad, my stepdad, and my grandfather. My stepfather is no longer with us, but is still loved and missed all the time.

My grandfather and grandmother raised me. My grandfather was the one who agreed to take me in, without question. I don’t think he even discussed it with my grandmother. Just said no kid was going into foster care on his watch and I moved in to what would become my home for the rest of my childhood and teen years. My grandfather was the Division 1 Director for the NHRA, which led to me going to a lot of races. I have a lot of good memories growing up on the racetrack.

My dad…I will always be a Daddy’s girl. I’m so like my father that we had many disagreements and arguments over the years. But thanks to my dad, I got to spend almost as much time camping as I did on the racetrack.

And on to the second part of my post…cleaning. Lots of cleaning is going to happen in Casa de Wench this week…

This week marks SchoolGirl’s first week of summer vacation. And this is the week that I have decided that we will be getting my house in order. The clutter is atrocious and I can’t stand it anymore. I also need to get the laundry caught up and put away.

The girls have way too much clothing, and this week will mark a sorting of their wardrobes from winter to summer. We do not have enough room in their drawers for all their clothes, so winter must be swapped out to make room for summer. I will also be packing away any clothes that are too small.

My to-do list is almost epic in length, including but not limited to wiping down the walls and baseboards, sorting through papers, organizing my pantry, cleaning the refrigerator, organizing all my dishes.

I don’t have much space for much of anything, so I’m going to be trying to maximize what we have.

Don’t get me wrong. My house is not filthy. It is not gross or nasty. But it is messy and cluttered, and the clutter is driving me insane. The bulk of the clutter stems from the insane amount of clothes and toys our girls have.

How do you deal with clutter? How do you get your children to help out?


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