Teaching Children Time-Management…

(Or: How SchoolGirl and ToddlerGirl always seem to wait to ask for something until I’m right in the middle of something)

It’s summer vacation time here at the Wench house, and that means a monkey wrench has been tossed into my fine-tuned routine. By fine tuned routine, I mean unending chaos. So it’s just more chaos today.

I had planned for an hour each day to be spent on learning, focusing on one subject each day. Today was supposed to be math. But this morning, TG woke up with a horrid stomach virus. Poor girl can’t keep anything down. I took her to the doctor, where she promptly upchucked right in the doorway of the doctor’s office, and then again in the checkup room…and then again when we got home. SchoolGirl has a birthday party at the roller rink tonight, and while she is excited to go, I am not.

I am having one of those “I have so much to do and not enough time to do it in” days. I have them a lot. I wanted to dedicate today to getting my kitchen back to normal, instead, I am chasing TG around with a bucket. “Throw up in this!!! Or on the carpet…that works too…” Trying to keep an active yet sick toddler in bed is rough. SG keeps asking for a popsicle. It’s not even lunchtime and she’s asked ten times already. I have to give her marks for persistence though. I guess that she figures if she asks enough, at some point I will throw my hands up and say “Eat ten popsicles for all I care”. Not gonna happen today, kiddo. I’m onto you.

So then I wanted to get the day started by putting BabyBoy down for a nap and having all of us spend an hour tidying up. BabyBoy, though very tired, doesn’t want a nap. Then the arguing started. TG and SG love to argue. Disagreements punctuated by SG’s nasal whine and TG’s frenetic crying/screaming. Which makes the baby cry. I had to flee to my bedroom and shut the door, the noise was overloading my senses. Which is a classic indicator that I forgot to take my Lexapro. I took my medicine, and sipped on a cup of tea (Mighty Leaf Earl Grey).

I then thought “What a fine time for a cup of wine”, then looked at the clock, and it was only 11. Not one to use the “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” justification, I laughed at myself and put the bottle back.

I really want to get them on a routine, and I really want them to develop a concept of “Mommy’s pooping right now, maybe I should wait to tell her that *insert sibling name here* hurt my feelings/won’t clean up/smacked me by an accident/is throwing a fit/threw up on the floor again”.

So tell me…what are your tips and tricks for dealing with the childhood beast of impatience? How do you help your kids develop the ability to judge what’s important and needs taken care of now, and what can wait for five minutes? Leave a comment and let me know!!!

No, seriously…help a mama out here. I need all the advice I can get.


One response to “Teaching Children Time-Management…

  1. As far as knowing what’s important and what can wait, that won’t happen until they are out of the house and wanting their own kids to do the same darn thing. To them, every emotion is terribly important, and everything they have to say is crucial. As for patience, practice. Use a timer. If they want to read a book and you are in the middle of something, estimate how long it will take you, then set the timer. If they bug you before the timer goes off, reset it. Keep it up until they get the idea. Then, when the timer goes off, drop what you are doing and read the book. We work on it until they can make it up to 20 minutes. I play with them for 20 minutes or so, then they give me 20 minutes to do what I need to do. If they know that you will give them the attention they want in a timely manner, they will be more likely to leave you alone.
    Well, that was a long comment. You asked!

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