Consumer Review: Ecocentric Mom Baby Box Review July 2012

Ecocentric Mom’s July Baby Box

The awesome people at Ecocentric Mom sent me their Baby box to review, and wow, is it ever a great deal!

What is Ecocentric Mom? Ecocentric Mom is a new subscription box service that, for $17 a month (free shipping!!!), sends you a box full of healthy, organic goodies depending on which box you choose. They have Mom, Mom-to-Be, and Baby boxes to choose from. I was sent the Baby box.

The contents were wrapped in a cute pink tissue paper secured with Ecocentric Mom’s signature heart sticker, and the first thing I pulled out was a pamphlet welcoming me to Ecocentric Mom. Inside it details each product, provides information about each company, and even provides prices, websites, and coupon codes.

The next item was a sn Ecocentric Mom Sport Pack, included as a gift for Founding Members. It’s 100% cotton, soft, and neutral, so I can use it for toting around anything.

Divine Mama Bar in Datey Apricot Cashew: These bars, which help promote a healthy supply of breast milk, are formulated for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and even regular non-pregnant, non-nursing mamas like me. This bar was so delicious, I ate it very slowly because I didn’t want it to be done. The date flavor wasn’t overpowering and perfectly complemented the cashew and apricot flavors. The Divine Mama Bar also comes in Macnut Chocolate Chip (sounds scrumptious!). $30 per box of 12 (6 of each flavor) Individual bar value: $2.50

NutureMe Organic Baby Food (2 packs, Peas & Apples): Dried baby food. Who would have thought? Actually, NurturMe did, because these little packets of dried, gluten-free, organic baby food are amazing, and versatile. For infants 4 mos and up. The thickness can be controlled by how much water you add…less water/2 packets for older babies, more water/one packet for the little ones. You can also sprinkle NurturMe Organic Baby Food on your toddler’s favorite foods to provide a nutritional boost. My son LOVED the peas, we haven’t tried the apples yet. As I usually do, I also tasted the peas as well. I am not a fan of peas, but these tasted like mashed peas made from fresh-picked peas from my grandmother’s garden, which is impressive in a dried food. $9.99 for a box of 8 pounches (price is on par with non-dried organic baby food). 2 pack value: $2.50

Bathtime Baby – Baby Butter: This all-natural body butter is specially formulated for baby’s sensitive skin. It’s formulated with plant and fruit extracts (Calendula, honeysuckle, olive, and avocado, to name a few), has nearly no scent, and leaves skin smooth and soft. It rubs in very quickly and doesn’t leave baby’s skin oily or greasy. It is paraben, glycol, and sulfate free, is hypoallergenic, and even the packaging is free of phthalates and BPA. $9.50 for 3oz, $19.95 for 8oz. Sample size: 3oz, value: $9.50

Episencial Sunny Sunscreen, SPF (Broad Spectrum) 35: ToddlerGirl is fair-skinned like me, and burns easily. This sunscreen has green tea, aloe, and avocado oil in it, three ingredients that help to nourish, protect, and repair skin. It can be used prior to sun exposure to protect, and after sun exposure to help soothe and repair. It is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, and goes on without leaving an oily residue. Titanium dioxide and transparent zinc oxide round out this sunscreen to help protect your little one’s skin. $15 for 4 oz. Sample size value: .75 oz for $2.81

Oogaa Spoon (Blue Airplane): First off, my son LOVED this playful spoon. Designed to look like an airplane and made of silicone, I loved it because it fits perfectly in my hand (and let’s face it, baby spoons are a little awkward to handle for adult hands), and my son loved that it added an element of realism to our airplane game (they also have a train!). It is soft, and designed to be easily eaten off of for babies of all ages. It is, of course, non-toxic, BPA free, and very durable! I love love LOVE this spoon!! $5.99 per spoon

My Dentist’s Choice Tooth Tissues (10 pack): Cleaning a baby’s mouth can be tricky. Sure, they shove everything in their mouths, but when it comes time for wiping those cute little baby teeth and gums? If your baby is anything like mine, forget it. But my son loves fabric, and Tooth Tissues come to the rescue. I wrap one of these around my finger and all of a sudden he wants his teeth cleaned (and it isn’t the flavor, these are flavor-free!!!). I like that they are flavor free, since I’m not really crazy about my son becoming a fan of sweet-flavored toothpastes, even if they are formulated for babies. He doesn’t need sweet flavors. They’re fluoride and paraben-free, and contain xylitol to promote healthy smiles. They are made of bamboo. Who knew? $4 for 10 count mini, $7.50 for 30 count original. Sample value: $4 for 10 count mini

Naturally It’s Clean – Floors: There’s been an explosion in the plant-based cleaning niche lately, and Naturally It’s Clean – Floors, really delivers. I have a couple of plant-based cleaners, and they still have a list a mile long of ingredients. “Floors” has five. Five! Water, plant-based enzyme blend, coconut oil surfactants, essential orange oil scent, and natural orange color. That’s it. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but wouldn’t you know it, my bathroom is in need of a good scrub and mop. I’ll report back with my opinion. $5.69 for 16oz bottle of Floors concentrate. Sample pouch makes 1/2 gallon of cleaning solution. I am pretty sure there was a second pouch, but I believe my couch ate it.

Love Munchkin Newborn & Sensitive Skin Oil: I love essential oils, skin oils, aromatherapy oils…but I haven’t really been aware of any for babies. Love Munchkin Oil is preservative free, chemical free, AND vegan! (I just finished watching Food, Inc last night…it’s incredible how much of our food contains animal products) Right now BabyBoy is conducting a 24-hour patch test. He’s had no reaction, so once the test is over I’ll give him a massage and report my opinion. $12 for 4 oz. Sample value: $3 for 1 oz.

Vaska Laundry Detergent: According to my Ecocentric Mom Pamphlet, “Vaska” means “to wash” in Faroese, which is a Scandinavian dialect. I received two samples, enough for two loads of laundry. One is unscented, the other is lavender-scented. I love lavender, and surprise, surprise, I have laundry to do today, so I will report my findings at that time. Vaska is comprised of plant-based surfactants, is chlorine, phosphate, alcohol, and NPE free. It is also free of EPA priority pollutants and dyes. Good for your clothes, good for your skin (it’s hypoallergenic!), and good for the planet! $13.99 for 42 oz Sample Value: 50 cents for 1.5 oz (2 packs of .75 oz)

The total value of the Ecocentric Mom Box this month (Baby Box) is $30.80, not including the plethora of coupon codes. For $17 dollars, it is an AMAZING deal and good for you too!

Disclaimer: I received an Ecocentric Mom Baby Box free of charge to review, however, the honest opinions expressed are my own and I have received no compensation, financial or otherwise, other than the box itself, for my opinions.


5 responses to “Consumer Review: Ecocentric Mom Baby Box Review July 2012

  1. This would make an amazing gift to a new mama! I love boxes like this with curated gift selections.

  2. What a great deal! This would make a fantastic gift for my bestie who is pregnant with her first baby!

  3. What an awesome idea! And only $17 for all that?

  4. Love this! I am very into organic ingredients. I can totally see giving this as a baby shower gift!

  5. Howdy! I just noticed your site: Consumer Review: Ecocentric Mom Baby Box Review July 2012 …and Baby Makes Five… when I was surfing around It looks as though someone liked your blog so much they decided to bookmark it. I’ll absolutely be coming here more often.

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