Consumer Review: First Time Books


I was given the opportunity to review a book from a company called First Time Books. They offer childrens’ books personalized for your child. I gave them some basic information about BabyBoy (Yes, his name is Robert…now you know, haha), his name, hair color, etc, and they sent me this book about his “Zoo Adventure”.

The book is paperback, and is a charming story of my son and his sister (ToddlerGirl) going to the zoo. They lose track of time while enjoying all the animals and…well, I guess you’ll just have to get the book to find out what happens! All in all, it is a pretty cool service. They offer three forms of book: Hardcover ($20), Paperback ($14), and PDF format so you can print it out yourself (the PDF form is free). Children enjoy seeing themselves in print, and while my son is a little too young to appreciate this special book, his sister enjoys the story and likes that she’s in it, and I know when he is older, my son will think it’s really cool that he has his own book written for him.

Zoo Adventure is one of six story options available. They also offer a Birthday Book, an ABC Book (they also offer an ABC Workbook), Halloween Adventure, Christmas Adventure, and a personalized Coloring Book. First Time Books also offers a sales program if you’re interested in selling their books.

I’m really glad I was given the chance to receive a book to review. I think it’s a really cute premise, and kids love having their names mentioned in stories (my children always ask me to make up stories about Princess SchoolGirl and Princess ToddlerGirl). I believe that a love of reading and a love of literature starts early on, and what better way to get your child engrossed in a story than for that story to be about them?

I received “Robert’s Zoo Adventure”, personalized for my son, at no cost to me other than the company’s request to review. The opinions expressed are 100% honest and 100% my own. 


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