Consumer Review: La Bella Box December 2012


Many, many apologies for the delay in this review. I also must confess something. I didn’t take that picture. It’s from the La Bella Box Facebook page. Why am I not using a picture I took? Because, unfortunately, the contents of the box were devoured before I remembered “Oh crepes! I needed to take a pretty picture!”.

Is La Bella Box that good? Yes. December’s theme was chocolate. Chocolate. I’m going to let that sink in a moment. I’m a woman. My box arrived right at the right time of month, if you know what I mean. See that little jar in the lower right hand corner? It’s a decadent chocolate cake. In a jar. With frosting. Now, lately, I’ve not been to keen on frosting. The frosting was the first to get eaten. It was rich without being overpowering. It was…

I’m sorry, I am getting waaaayyy ahead of myself. What is La Bella Box? La Bella Box is a monthly subscription service that curates handcrafted goodies from entrepreneurs across the US. Each month has a theme, and the items in that box reflect the theme. A month by month subscription is $19/month, a 3 month subscription is $60, and a 6 month membership is $120, no shipping and handling charges for any option. Now…on to the December box…

Kitty Lee Thomas Sweets – Handmade Gourmet Marshmallows Unfortunately, thanks to some bad dental decisions, I cannot eat marshmallows. So to review these hand-dipped cherry and Mexican vanilla bean marshmallows, I turned to two people whose opinion of sweets I trust almost as much as my own opinion: My two daughters. SchoolGirl had the Mexican vanilla bean one and said it was very good, and tasted like someone had added some vanilla ice cream to it. ToddlerGirl had the cherry one and said that it “Tasted like a chocolate-covered cherry with a marshmallow in the middle” (she’s very literal), and said it was the best marshmallow she’d ever had.  4 Marshmallows: $9 
My Momma’s Kitchen – Dark Chocolate Cake in a Jar This cake, as I started to say above, was amazing. The frosting was so rich without being oppressive, and the cake itself was moist, and loaded with chocolate flavor. The cake was not overly sweet, which made it so much better. I’ve had chocolate cakes that I would bite into, and the chocolate flavor would just be overruled by the sweetness (yes, chocolate is sweet, but dark chocolate should have a slight bitter note to the underlying flavor, not be overpowered by sugar). I loved this cake.  Four 4 oz. Jar Cakes: $24
Bella Rose Chocolates – Candy Cane Hot Chocolate on a Stick  My daughters were equally excited by the chocolate box, and so I made this for them. It is hot chocolate…on a stick. You warm up a cup of milk, pop the stick in, and stir until the chocolate square is gone. Both the girls loved this, and I had a sip. It was really good. Rich and comforting with a hint of mint from the candy cane, it reminded me of when my friend’s mom would make us hot chocolate using Godiva squares and warm milk. So yummy, perfect for a cold, wintry day. 4 Sticks: $10
The Backyard Patch – Instant Herbal Hot Chocolate  (Note: I did not get this item in my box. I got a different item I will link to. The product description that follows is from the La Bella Box website.) Warm up this winter with a quick and delicious instant hot cocoa mix. This mix is a seasonal blend that is only available during the winter months. Cheers! 2 Cocoa Mixes: $6.25
Joe Jacket – Reversible Beverage Wrap
This is a reversible, adorable wrap for your hot beverage (or cold water bottle so your hands don’t freeze). I had already gotten a thermos with a wrap insulator built-in, so this wrap found a home with one of my best friends. She loved the fun yellow pattern on one side, and the sophisticated black and white houndstooth print on the other side! They also have some really fun animal prints for the cat/dog/animal lover in your life. One reusable beverage wrap replaces many, many of those cardboard wraps on hot drinks. Every little bit helps! One wrap $9.95
You can find La Bella Box on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and their website.
I received a complimentary December 2012 La Bella Box for purposes of review, however, all opinions expressed are my own, except where noted (Instant Herbal Hot Chocolate), and the opinions of my daughters.

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