Book Review: Gone Girl

(*NOTE* There are slight spoilers in this review, however, I have tried my best to make the spoilers not relevant to the enjoyment of the book.)

Book Name/Author: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Summary: Nick Dunne has lost his job. He and his wife, Amy, relocate from the city they lived in to the small town of Carthage. Nick opens a bar using money he borrowed from his wife’s trust fund, and runs it with his twin sister. However, on their 5th anniversary, Amy goes missing and soon Nick is suspected of murder.

Review: The transition between Nick’s present day narration and Amy’s journal entries is a little hard to keep track of (simply because my mind keeps forgetting what the chapter heading said…), but aside from that, this book really gripped me and pulled me in. The first half alternates between Nick and Amy. Amy’s journal portrays her as a loving wife who tries to be sociable in their small town, a woman who attempts to make the best of things. This is a very stark contrast to Nick’s portrayal of his wife as a cold, antisocial woman who thinks herself to be above the residents of Carthage. I was left wondering who was telling the truth, and was shocked to find that neither of them is telling the complete truth. I can’t really say much about the twists in the novel, because it would seriously be detrimental to the enjoyment of the novel for someone who has never read it before. If you like novels that end up a far cry from what they began at, then you’ll enjoy “Gone Girl”.

Amazon: Gone Girl
Barnes & Noble: Gone Girl


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