Consumer Review: La Bella Box February 2013


Some of you may have read my review of La Bella Box in December, and I was chosen to review their February box as well. I had immensely enjoyed the December box, so I was excited to test out the February box for them. I was not disappointed, at all. Luckily, this time I remembered to snap a pretty picture before any testing went down.

For those of you who did not read the December Box review, La Bella Box is a monthly subscription service that curates handcrafted goodies from entrepreneurs across the US. Each month has a theme, and the items in that box reflect the theme. A month by month subscription is $19/month, a 3 month subscription is $60, and a 6 month membership is $120, no shipping and handling charges for any option.

The products in this month’s box were just as amazing as the contents of the December box…

Organic Sumatra Coffee Beans by C Squared Coffee – These are some great smelling beans!! I managed to grind them somewhat in my food processor, but not fine enough that I could use them in my eKoBrew cup for my Keurig, so while I can’t taste test this coffee (anyone have a coffee grinder?) yet, I sure do enjoy smelling it. $7.50 for 8oz         C Squared Coffee (Facebook)

Biscotti by Rainy Days Kitchen – These two little treasure were WAY too small. I mean that in a good way, the size I got was package of two Mini Thin Party Favors. These biscotti, one half dipped in white chocolate, the other in dark chocolate, were so delicious that I felt sad when they were gone. Flavored with almonds and what I believe were cranberries (not a lot, just enough to add a touch of sweet tartness), they were absolutely perfect. Easily the best biscotti not made by Mister’s grandmom that I have ever had.          Facebook     Etsy     Pinterest (There are too many products for me to list prices, but a 25 pack of the Mini Thin Party Favors is $37.50)

Twisted Caramels by Chocolate Twist – I love caramels. They are difficult to eat because of the poor condition of my teeth at the present time, but I just had to, for these. And they were amazing. These caramels were infused with roasted coffee, and it really added a layer to the flavor that didn’t overpower…I hate to sound like one of those sommeliers who are like “This wine has forenotes of chocolate, and then it’s followed by an oak and elderberry flavor” (huh?), but when you first bite into these, you taste the obvious caramel, and then comes these little hints of freshly roasted coffee. It is a strong enough flavor to complement the caramel without obliterating the flavors of the caramel. I have a birthday coming up in June, people…*hint hint*. One Dozen Caramels: $12          Facebook

100% Natural Soy Candle by Authentic Common Scents – Candles are therapy for me. I love fresh, clean scents that don’t cloy up my home with heady fragrance. Linen scents, spring rain, etc…those are the kind I gravitate to. I was really excited to get a candle, even more so when I saw it was a Chardonnay scented candle. I have to admit to a little apprehension before I opened it…I didn’t really want my house to smell like alcohol. I don’t know how these people do it, but they captured all the fragrances of Chardonnay, minus the scent of alcohol. It is so fresh and crisp!!! They also offer other products as well, like lip balms, body butters, and sugar scrubs, to name a few. Again, the Wench is turning the big 3-0 this year…Merry loves her some organic beauty products and soy candles *hint hint hint!!!!* One Candle: $4          Facebook     Etsy

Downloadable Workouts by iTrain – Yes. Yes, yes, a million times yes!!!! I have been trying to figure out, as a stay at home mom to three kids, how I could manage to fit in a workout in the middle of winter. It’s difficult for me when it’s cold out. I can’t take the kids with me, and the two that walk do not walk fast enough to do any good. Plus, even when SchoolGirl is at school, I don’t have a double stroller to plop ToddlerGirl and BabyBoy in. iTrain features workouts, videos, hints, tips, and encouragement in your weightloss journey. I used my gift card to download some yoga workouts, and some Pilates, as one of my goals is to improve my flexibility and sculpt my body at the same time. Prices on the workouts vary, sometimes you can score one for 99 cents, but the most I have seen a single workout cost is $10 for a 60 minute routine. They also offer clusters of workouts, called Albums, designed to help you meet a specific goal (Pre-wedding weightloss, post-natal mama makeovers).

Once again, the La Bella Box was spot-on. It’s obvious that they take the time to plan and put together well-thought out boxes that bring otherwise unknown products to the recipient’s attention, and each box is amazing in theme and execution. I would assume that the theme of February’s box was love, and I definitely love all these products. Candies for Valentine’s Day, coffee to get you going in the dawning hours of the winter days, a candle for romance, and a workout gift card to sweat out those extra calories we tend to consume during the month of love and chocolate.

You can find La Bella Box on Facebook , Twitter, and Pinterest.


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