Craigslist meets Garage Sale meets Social Networking: Intelligent Mommy!

Back in January, the founders of Intelligent Mommy reached out to me for feedback on their website, which had not gone live yet. In the shuffle of the chaos going on at Casa de Wench at the time, their email, and my perusal of Intelligent Mommy got lost in the shuffle. Apparently it was a similar situation for Derek and Jennifer Haake, the founders of Intelligent Mommy…you see, they have triplets. TRIPLETS!!! I can’t even imagine the chaos. My home is loud and chaotic, and my children are staggered rather nicely in age, I can’t imagine having three infants! Derek recently got back in touch with me and informed me that Intelligent Mommy would be going live on Thursday, March 21st, 2013. He also included a press release which explains what Intelligent Mommy is all about. Read it after the jump, and please share this post with all your parent-friends!!!

Intelligent Mommy Launches Marketplace For Families To Meet, Sell And Recycle Gently Used Items

Parents can now use Intelligent Mommy to connect to other parents to buy and sell used baby and kids items in a private, secure, safe marketplace.
Austin, TX; San Francisco, CA; Youngstown, OH – 3/21/13

Intelligent Mommy announced the launch of its marketplace that will help parents connect, recycle and sell used items in a safe online environment. This unique service will help keep tons of reusable kids clothing, toys, and gear out of landfills.

In recent years, “robbery-by-appointment,” has created a safety issue for anyone that uses online classified ads, bulletin boards, or other ways to buy and sell used items. Some of worst cases have even resulted in the loss of the buyer or seller’s life. Intelligent Mommy makes online buying and selling safer by allowing parents to keep their email addresses and contact information anonymous through a unique messaging feature, and parents can access a list of local businesses that have signed up to be safe exchange locations for completing transactions.

“Knowing that you can communicate with another parent in your area without sharing personal information is a huge relief for parents,” said Jeff Lorton, Marketing Guru with Intelligent Mommy. “The added protection of using debit or credit cards protects both the buyer and seller, while removing the danger of a cash transaction and makes it safe to recycle and make money while keeping good stuff out of landfills.”

When parents register for Intelligent Mommy, they can create a WePay account that securely transfers funds between a buyer and seller once they complete a transaction. To begin a sale, items are posted on the Intelligent Mommy Marketplace, parents communicate through the marketplace, and then meet in a safe location to exchange the items or they can ship to the buyer.

Intelligent Mommy offers free and paid membership options. For more information and to create an account today visit:

About Intelligent Mommy
Intelligent Mommy is a marketplace created to help parents that face the problem of finding gently used kids clothing, toys, and gear in a safe and secure marketplace.

The Intelligent Mommy marketplace is powered by Petite Ware. For more information, visit Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Media Contact
Jeff Lorton, Marketing Guru, Intelligent Mommy


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