The Issues: The A-word, part II

(Or, in which Merry peacefully confronts the people holding the gruesome sign outside the women’s clinic.)

A rare treat for you, my dear readers. I say a treat, because I am a very non-confrontational person. I shy away from arguments, fights, etc, when it comes to people I don’t know. If you and I were to have an argument, it means I am comfortable with you.

Previously, I had posted about the people outside our local womens’ clinic. I’ve linked it, so if you haven’t read it, I highly advise you do so, because it pertains greatly to what I am about to say. I’ll wait here after the jump. 

All done? Ok. So today, I was in the general area again, and again, the same large picture of an aborted baby pointed towards the highway, where any age could see it. In fact, there were school buses ahead of me, full of children. I had sworn that if I saw that again, I would stop and say something.

So I did. At first, I approached the two older people praying, and they told me that they were not associated with the person holding the sign, and that they did not condone him holding that sign. So, I decided to approach the man holding the sign.

Now, I’d like to give you a little background. You all know I have three children who I adore, though sometimes I’d like a vacation, but what parent doesn’t? Anyways…When I found out I was pregnant with SchoolGirl, my first thought was “I’m going to get an abortion…I am in no position to have a child”. I then decided against abortion, deciding instead to go the adoption route. As this is about events happening this morning, and not my past, suffice to say that the adoption became a non-issue too. I’ve never regretted my choices.

I have lost pregnancies…no…babies, because that’s what they were to me when, for whatever reasons, my pregnancies were terminated by my own body through no fault of my own. From the first positive test, I have thought of the little beings as babies.

Approaching the man holding the sign, my stomach began to turn, as he had it turned directly to me.

“Don’t throw your baby in the trash!!” He said to me.

Wait…what?! Oh…my hand, in an almost instinctive reaction to the sign, had gone to my abdomen, where I’d incubated my children.

“Oh, I’m not pregnant.” I said. “I have three children, I’m not ready for another. But hey, listen…” I begin to state my case for him to turn the sign towards the door.
1. The road the clinic is on is a major road that almost everyone flies down. The maximum time anyone would have to look, see, register, and think about the image is minimized to a split second.
2. A lot of children, my own included, are exposed to that image…children who are not old enough to know how babies are made, let alone that abortion exists, along with all the intricacies and intense emotions that one’s stance on the topic comes with.
3. By turning the sign towards the clinic door, you are targeting the prime audience. “Sir, are you here to raise awareness or change minds?” “Change minds and save babies.” Wouldn’t turning the banner towards the door reach that target more effectively? The women going in would have that time walking in to process the information you’re trying to convey.

“Ma’am, you are being defeatist. You do not care about children.” “Sir, with all due respect, I have three living children, and with two of them, abortion was mentioned and shot down as a non-option. Do not tell me I don’t care about children.”

At this point, his partner, a bald man (shaved bald, not “hair fell out bald”) walks after a woman who is just merely having a morning walk.

“Ma’am!!! Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?!” He yells after her. She waves dismissively.

“I’m Jewish, I don’t want to hear about Jesus.” She replies, walking on.

“Don’t throw your baby in the trash!!!” He screams after her in echo of the first words that the man I was talking to said. The woman turns around, and screams back at him, “I’m not f*****g pregnant, now leave me alone!!!”

I turn back to the man, and we resume our discussion, but I quickly see that it is a lost cause. Just as I’m about to say my farewells and wish him well anyways, the cops pull up. Baldy comes over.

“This is the girl harassing my buddy here.” He says to the cop. Cop looks at me, another cop pulls up.

Great. Yes, I woke up today, stuck in my stagnant lull, and thought to myself “Hey, let me get myself arrested for disorderly conduct…that should shake things up a little for me”. *eyeroll*

Cop 1 asks me what I am doing, Cop 2 talks to the guy I was talking to.

“Officer, this sidewalk is public property, which means it falls under peaceful assembly and free speech. These gentlemen are free to stand here with their banner of an aborted baby all they want, but I am also within my rights to peacefully and respectfully express my displeasure that this image is visible by children too young to know how babies are made, let alone be confronted with an image of an aborted baby. I merely stated my point to him, and pointed out that it would be more effective if he turned his banner to the clinic door and not the highway.”

Apparently Biker Guy (the one I had been speaking with) corroborated my side with Cop 2, and stated that he didn’t understand why Baldy called the cops, as I was being peaceful, respectful, and not harassing him at all.

Cop 1 and 2 both look at me, and are slightly agitated that Baldy has wasted their time, but not agitated at Biker and I.

They leave after telling us to have a nice day, and Biker looks at me.

“Sorry about that…Baldy is really passionate about his beliefs and what we’re trying to do.”

“I can see that.” I remarked drily. He then thanks me for not trying to change his mind. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind. I just don’t want my kid exposed to that sort of imagery at such a young age. He then says “Well, thank you for being respectful”, to which I replied “Why wouldn’t I be? I’m not here to change your mind or yell horrible things at you. I am simply expressing my displeasure at your method and offering a more effective solution. Whether or not you respect my opinion and probably the opinions of almost any other parent of young children is on you.”

I am not expressing my opinions on abortion in this post. I’ve already done that.

Oh, and apparently while I was talking with the praying people, my friend was talking to Biker, and said that he mentioned a pig roast benefit.

Rather ironic, don’t you think? Yes, I know it’s a pig. I am not a vegan, but I used to be. But I find it amusing in a completely non-smiling, non-laughing way, that for all the passages from the Old Testament that he and Baldy kept quoting to me, my friend, and that poor Jewish woman who was just out for a walk about not killing babies, thou shalt not kill, etc…they are talking about a pig roast.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that, for a woman who doesn’t really know where her faith lies, I know my Bible pretty well. How well?

Leviticus 11:3: You may eat any animal that has a divided hoof and chews cud.
Leviticus 11:7-8: and the pig, for though it has a divided hoof, it does not chew cud, it is unclean for you. You must not eat their meat, nor touch their carcasses, they are unclean for you.
Also included (but not a complete list, by any means…seriously, go read Leviticus…) in the list of unclean animals according to Leviticus 11: the camel (11:4), the shaphan (rabbit, 11:6), all sea life lacking fins and scales (11:10), birds (11:13-19), bats (eww…but 11:19 also), any animal whose hoof divides but does not split or do not chew cud (11:26), any quadriped with paws (11:27)…and don’t even get me started on the fact that Biker was wearing a denim vest with sleeves made of flannel sewn on to them, which violates the OT edict that thou shalt not wear material mixed of wool and linen together, and you’d better have some tassels on the four corners of your garment. (Deuteronomy 22:10 and 22:12, respectively). He did not have tassels.


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