Four Hours of Laughter and Fun…

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend Girly Girl’s Mom Night Out. Yes, you read that right. Your brave (meaning shy) and fearless (meaning scared silly) Merry went to a gathering of women. Women she had never met before. In a town she’d never been in before.

Thankfully, I had one of my best friends with me, so I wasn’t completely out of my comfort zone…but on meeting the other ladies there, I quickly felt right at ease. The party was hosted by Kat Quarterman, who owns Sense of Style Boutique, LLC.

Now, I have to be honest. Successful women intimidate me. Not in a “I’m successful so I’m better than you, silly stay at home mama…” way, but more of a “Wow. I have all these awesome ideas that could be something great and I can never settle on one or seem to see it to fruition but wowie! Look at you! You’ve done it!!! Maybe there’s hope for me to do great things too!” way.

Kat is so down to earth and joyful that I was immediately at ease. Somehow my blogging came up, and people wanted cards! From lil ol’ me!! Luckily I’d made some the day before.

I got to meet Nicky, a consultant for Temptations Parties (link leads to adult-oriented content), which is an adult-themed at home party company offering things to add some romance to anyone’s life! I got to test a few products, including a blueberry cheesecake flavored water-based product (I have to keep it PG! But it was so yummy!), and a chocolate drizzle that was so good I wanted to take it home and make some chocolate milk with it!

Mel was there demonstrating Essential Bodywear, and educating us on how much of an amazing difference a properly fitted bra can make on a woman’s body, not only in making ‘the girls’ themselves look perkier, higher, and fuller…I got to try one on, and I was mindboggled at how this bra helped pull my shoulders back and I noticed that the pinched nerve in my shoulder wasn’t as…pinched…anymore.

And then Ruth from Cupcakes by Ruth stopped by to drop off some cupcakes. She wasn’t able to stay too long, but she graciously left the cupcakes…and I got to try two flavors: Salted Caramel and Margarita. I seriously should have taken a picture of these…these little morsels of heaven…because they were gorgeous. I know and am pretty great friends with a woman who makes amazing cupcakes as well…I think these two should join forces.

Okay, you know the at home parties (like the ones I’ve mentioned above)? There’s an at-home party for everything. I knew that. But I did not know that there is one for WINE!!! Y’all know how I LOVE wine. Latasha from The Traveling Vineyard brought wine, and price sheets for the wines offered by TTV.

Ladies…how awesome would it be to kick the misters and the kids out of the house, gather up all your girls, and have a combo-mega-awesome party with Essential Bodywear, Temptations Parties, and The Traveling Vineyard? Wine, boobs, and romance! Seriously! It would be…it would be, pardon my French, but, ladies, it would just be, it would be kickass. Truly.

I got a chance to speak to Sara Kosmyna, who runs Brows That Wow, and we had an enlightening conversation about makeup, eyebrows, and the chemicals that we unknowingly expose ourselves to every day. I could write a whole article on that, and I plan to in the near future.

I forget how it came up, but my weightloss came up, and I got so much positive feedback on my before and after pics that I seriously think maybe my ego got inflated to a normal size, haha! Kat kept saying to me that I need to post some of my healthier recipes. I think I may have posted a couple a long time ago, so I will dig them up and re-post them. Also, I have a post on my weightloss written here, but I believe it’s in need of some re-writing…but you can check it out in the meantime! I’ve also written a post about some of the emotional aspects of my weightloss over at BlogHer, feel free to take a peek there as well (Warning! That post contains a fearless picture taken of me in a bikini. You’ve been warned!)

With all the feminine camaraderie and laughter from last night, I am feeling even more inspired to continue working, not just on The Sleeper Queen (fiction), but also …and Baby Makes Five…: The Book! (title not set in stone, haha). I finished the re-write of chapter 9 for The Sleeper Queen, and pounded out the Foreword, and Introduction for the PPD section of ABMF:TB!, so I am feeling productive today.

But for now, domestic duties call…Does anyone know of an at-home party company that will give me wine while my house is magically cleaned by Vin Diesel, Johnny Depp, and Colin Farrell?


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