Consumer Review: Ageless Derma Daily Mineral Guard

About a month ago, I was asked to review Ageless Derma Daily Mineral Guard, and over the course of the past month, I have been testing it out. Ageless Derma claims that the Daily Mineral Guard will help nourish your skin, (I used it on my face daily for six weeks), repair damage caused by UV rays, protect your skin from further damage with micronized titanium dioxide that grants an SPF of 25 to the lotion. It is supposed to even out skin tone, and scatter light so that skin looks radiant. Oh, and it’s paraben-free. Totally a good thing. Parabens are toxic to the reproductive system. So, does it work?

Yes. It’s not a miracle cream. But it does what it says. It protected my face. It didn’t feel greasy. It made my face look a little more…dewy, and it really seemed to even out my tone. I did notice a reduction in the finer lines on my face, not really a huge difference in my deeper lines (I have smile lines), but in all, I really liked Daily Mineral Guard.

I do feel that I need to note that Ageless Derma’s Daily Mineral Guard seems to be very similar to a BB cream, but minus the tint. I liked how it made my complexion seem to even out, because on its own, my skin has a pretty nice base tone. I do use a BB cream, but only when I want to wear makeup. For everyday use, the Daily Mineral Guard is my go-to cream. And a little bit goes a long way. I received a 4 oz tube, and I’ve barely made a dent in it the past six weeks, and that’s with everyday use.

I have sensitive skin, and the Daily Mineral Guard doesn’t irritate, or cause my skin to go haywire.

I recommend the Daily Mineral Guard if you’re like me and want the benefits of a BB cream without the tinting, because let’s face it: not all women get up in the morning and apply makeup every single morning. I know that if I did, I’d need the makeup to cover up the makeup making my face go nuts.

You can order the Daily Mineral Guard here.

Ageless Derma can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: I received a 4oz tube of Ageless Derma’s Daily Mineral Guard free of cost, in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions reflected in this review are my own and are not influenced in any way by receiving the product.


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