Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe


Hi there! Thanks for stopping by, however, this blog has moved. You can find what you were looking for by clicking on this link: http://babymakesfive.com/2013/08/flourless-chocolate-cake-recipe/



4 responses to “Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe

  1. I worked at P.F. Changs as well growing up. It amazed me that as a “bus boy” we did more than the waiters lol. It was one of my first restaurant jobs or I would have been a waiter. I do like their lettuce wraps though!

    • I love their lettuce wraps!!! As for bussers doing more than waiters, yes, I agree. I’ve worked in places where I (as a server) did everything from expo to food running and bussing, and places where all I did was take orders and check on the table. But in the latter type of place, all the bussers, foodrunners, etc, loved me because I bussed my own tables as I went along, and I was usually the one to run my food.

  2. The link is not working for me at all. Help?

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