Silver Linings and Hodge-podge…

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There’s always a silver lining…or a rainbow…


I’ve tried so hard lately to keep my eyes on the silver linings…you know, the upside to unpleasant situations and happenings. For the most part, I’ve been pretty successful in this attempt. Last Friday was one of those days that severely tested my determination to always look on the bright side of things.

After dropping the girls off at school I had the following epiphany:

I have nothing to wear to the wedding tomorrow. Wait. The wedding is on a Saturday, and if the wedding is tomorrow, then that means today is Friday and I have a blog review due by 6pm. Crap! Okay…no biggie, I’ll run to Walmart and see if I can find something, I’ll only spend like an hour doing that, then I’ll go home, type the review and schedule it for publication this evening. Then later on, I’ll publish the next chapter of my book on Wattpad. Alright. I’ve totally got this under control.

I get home, open my laptop and login…and the backlight on my screen dies, making my laptop unusable. Upsides, upsides…okay, SchoolGirl has a laptop, I can use that to publish the review. Publishing to Wattpad will have to wait. I found this upsetting and mildly ironic, as I had only recently been reinvigorated with inspiration to continue on my path to becoming a published author.

So I open SG’s laptop, login, and my heart sinks at all the internet toolbar add-ons. Add-ons aren’t something usually alarming, on the computer of someone who knows what they’re doing, but on the laptop of a 9-year-old who loves to play games online, it becomes very disheartening. Despite all the parental controls that The Mister and I had put in place, her laptop was bogged down with malware, to the point that it was nearly unusable. I certainly wasn’t going to be logging in to anything until it was cleaned up. That mess took me the better part of the day, and by the time I was done, it was well past the deadline.

The upside to all that was that my laptop finally left the backlight on long enough to start the transfer of my “Writings” folder to a USB stick. Of course, once the transfer started, the backlight shut off again, and I had to shine a flashlight on the screen to see enough to shut it down when the transfer had finished.

The wedding on Saturday was beautiful, and it led to a semi-serious chat with The Mister during dinner about our own wedding, a wedding we have not set a date for, due to financial constraints. We have refused to just go to the courthouse, because we both want a ceremony and reception, and darnit, I want to wear a beautiful dress. Though I have to say, one of my classmates posted on her blog about her own DIY wedding, and I’d already planned on a great portion of my own wedding being DIY, who’s to say I can’t wear a gorgeous dress and still cut costs by DIY-ing it?

Sorry, I went to look for a picture of my dream dress, but couldn’t find one. It’s been discontinued. Yes, I have been engaged that long. I ended up browsing a bunch of pretty dresses for about 20 minutes.

This week has been pretty good to us here at Casa de Wench, and I hope it’s been good to you too.



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    XOXO Gossip girl

    Ps: Love your pics! Did you made them all by yourself?

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