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NaBloPoMo 2014 is Here!

Today marks the beginning of NaBloPoMo. What the heck is NaBloPoMo?

National Blog Posting Month. It’s sort of like NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), but instead of working on a 50,000 word novel for a month, the goal for NaBlo is to post every day during the month of November.

So I will be trying to post every day here during November. I hope my content will be fun. I hope it will make you think. I hope it will strike a chord of familiarity within you.

Stick around, this might get interesting.


Turning 30? No, Not Me…

I have a birthday coming up. *coughJune24thcough*

It’s a big one. The big 3-0. And it can kiss my behind. I refuse to turn 30, and here’s why:

A lot of people celebrate ‘milestone’ birthdays. At 13, you’re officially a teenager. At 16 (in my home state of PA), you could drive. At 18, you were an adult in the eyes of the government. You could vote, enlist in the military, and do things without asking your parents first. At 21, you could drink. Continue reading

Four Hours of Laughter and Fun…

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend Girly Girl’s Mom Night Out.¬†Yes, you read that right. Your brave (meaning shy) and fearless (meaning scared silly) Merry went to a gathering of women. Women she had never met before. In a town she’d never been in before.

Continue reading

Consumer Review:

(*NOTE* I had written a completely awesome review of when WordPress burped and everything was gone. Just like that. Lesson learned: From now on all blog entries will be written in Word and then copied to WP. Many, many apologies to the people at MailPix, namely Kristen. It’s been a catastrophy of setbacks and delays, but here is the review!)

I was asked to review, and while I awaited the arrival of my products, I figured I would review the website itself, and the ease of use. However, a lot has been going on in the household the past couple of weeks, during which I received my photo gifts. So this is a review of both the products and the site itself. I was very excited to be able to review their service, and it really does deliver on the goods. Continue reading

I’m Back This Time, I Promise…

First and foremost, I hope, that for those of you reading who were affected by Hurricane Sandy, that this post finds you well, warm, and with a full belly. We were in the path, but yet again we were miraculously spared any damage. Not so much for the shore, as you may well know. Seaside Heights, where Mister and I took our children to the Funtown Pier over the summer, is obliterated. Funtown Pier is badly damaged and Casino Pier’s rollercoaster is sitting in the Atlantic. A rollercoaster. In the freakin’ ocean. Unreal. My heart goes out to all those who lost some, those who lost everything, and the families who lost loved ones. I am truly sorry. Continue reading

What Inspires Me?

I was recently added to a blogging group on Facebook, and someone posed the question “Where do you get your inspiration to write something from?”

What a wonderful question! First, I need to explain what I write. Yes, I write here, but my one true love, mymagnum opus, (Latin, meaning “great work”) is my fiction. I write stories, poems, songs, novels. In every work of fiction I embed a piece of my soul. Every tale is a labor of love.

But I am getting ahead of myself. I also write here. Here, I am inspired by my day-to-day life as a stay at home mother to my three children, by my struggles with PPD, my desire to carve out a niche in this world. I am 29, but I have not yet found my place, my spot. Continue reading

Teaching Children Time-Management…

(Or: How SchoolGirl and ToddlerGirl always seem to wait to ask for something until I’m right in the middle of something)

It’s summer vacation time here at the Wench house, and that means a monkey wrench has been tossed into my fine-tuned routine. By fine tuned routine, I mean unending chaos. So it’s just more chaos today. Continue reading