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Robin Williams…

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Rest in Peace, Robin Williams

Robin Williams was found dead in his home yesterday, of an apparent suicide. It’s well-known that he struggled through his life with severe depression. There are very few celebrities that I have felt sorrow as if I almost knew them, but Robin is one of them. I grew up on his movies, and when I’d become an adult, I appreciated his dramatic roles and his very ‘grown-up’ stand-up comedy. I was shocked and saddened to read of his passing. Continue reading


The Issues: Substance Abuse and Addiction

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Addiction is an issue that touches almost every American life. Whether we have struggled with addiction or know someone who has, or is still struggling, addiction is something that affects us all. There are many types of addiction, and this post focuses on alcohol/substance abuse and addiction. Continue reading

Religious Roundup: Who Cares if Jesus got Married?


I started writing this with the intent to write about the news that a piece of parchment (inferring that Jesus had a wife) has been verified as being authentic to the time it was allegedly written in. Of course, there are a lot of people in an uproar over this. But then I saw some more articles tied to religion, and I decided that I have something to say about them as well. Without further ado…

Continue reading

The Issues: Vaccines & Autism – The Great Debate

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Listen, parents who do not vaccinate…I am not here to tell you that you are wrong. I am not here to lump you into one group and blast you all for your beliefs. I will not think less of you as people, as parents, for your choice, no matter how misguided and dangerous I feel it is. There are thousands upon thousands of comments, blog posts, etc, that do that already. This post is simply about the debate itself, and will also touch on why, after doing diligent research into vaccines and autism, I chose to vaccinate my children, though on a delayed schedule (with the blessing of the pediatrician). Continue reading

The Issues: Bullying

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Note: I began writing this about a few weeks ago, after reading an article about a boy who was suspended for wearing a My Little Pony backpack on the grounds that it could cause him to get bullied. After reading that, Facebook’s “People You may Know” feature coincidentally listed a girl who used to bully me in middle school and high school, and that led me to her blog where a post she wrote gave me an insight I’d never had before. This is my experience, and should you ever stumble across her blog, please know that she and I are okay. I do not want, or need, any comments posted on her blog attacking her for what is long in the past. She was not the only one, and she was not by any stretch the worst of my antagonists.  Continue reading

Uncivil Co-parenting Will Harm Your Kids…


Don’t be this couple.

This morning, I got an Amber Alert for two children who had been abducted at gunpoint by their father and grandfather, and you know, sometimes, there are just awful people and nothing will ever change their awful-ness. But it got me thinking about a conversation I had the other day about divorce, breakups, and co-parenting relationships when there are kids involved. Continue reading

Shades of Gray…

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As a registered Republican, I find this disgusting. Sorry.

This entry is probably going to push a lot of buttons, and will probably rub a lot of people the wrong way, but I am so sick of the current political trend of party separation and stereotype. There are a lot of issues that widen the divide between Democrats and Republicans, but the topic of welfare seems to be the best example of that divide. Nothing pits Democrat vs. Republican in quite the way that welfare does. Many Republicans consider the Democratic party to be composed of poor, lazy, jobless minorities who just want to exploit a system that was designed to be a hand up, not a handout. Let me assure you that though I am a registered Republican, I do not think that way. Continue reading