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Consumer Review: Aspen Mulling Cider Spices

I was chosen by (the site I guest blog for…though admittedly, the holiday season was so crazy chaotic that I have been absent for a while) to review Aspen Mulling Cider Spices.

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The product came in single packages, and, being new to mulling anything, I was really excited to try it out. I opened it up and the aroma of cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon immediately hit my nose. I love the scent profile those spices make, so I was even more excited to try it out. The instructions say to add it to 8 oz. of apple cider or juice, red wine, tea, or brandy. It can be served hot or cold.  Continue reading


Consumer Review: – Island Escape, healthy oatmeal, oatmeal recipe, oatmeal, my oatmeal, custom oatmeal

Island Escape before meeting up with hot water and a microwave…Yum!!!

I had the chance to review, a site that offers custom oatmeal. In my two previous reviews, I reviewed the first two flavors I made, Napa Valley Joyride and Ginger Cashew Nog), and in this post I will review the final flavor I made, Island Escape.  Continue reading

Gluten-Free Breakfast Cereal

gluten free breakfast cereal

I made a really delicious hot gluten-free breakfast cereal the other morning…
I know, I know, I’m not the first person to come up with a hot breakfast cereal. But it’s gluten-free…and it’s oatmeal…and it’s healthy. Continue reading

Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe


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Weight Loss, Diets, and the SAHM

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Dearest readers…that above is my newest before and after picture. I take them from time to time so that I am confronted with the actuality of my progress. I share them on my Instagram account, and on my personal Facebook profile (linked to both, in case you want to be my friend, lol). Continue reading

SlimKicker Site/App Review & Slow-Cooker Giveaway!!!


I was asked to test-drive a new (FREE!!) weight-loss/dieting/exercise app and website called SlimKicker, and host a giveaway (details at the bottom!). For the past week, I have been having a ball testing it out!

What is SlimKicker? SlimKicker is a calorie tracking app that takes all your diet & fitness goals and turns them into a level-up game. You upload a picture of something you’ll reward yourself such as a pair of shoes, and when you reach a certain number of points, we’ll remind you to reward yourself with that. SlimKicker also has a recipe section for diets like Medifast and Weight Watchers.

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Pizza MacMuffins

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