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Craigslist meets Garage Sale meets Social Networking: Intelligent Mommy!

Back in January, the founders of Intelligent Mommy reached out to me for feedback on their website, which had not gone live yet. In the shuffle of the chaos going on at Casa de Wench at the time, their email, and my perusal of Intelligent Mommy got lost in the shuffle. Apparently it was a similar situation for Derek and Jennifer Haake, the founders of Intelligent Mommy…you see, they have triplets. TRIPLETS!!! I can’t even imagine the chaos. My home is loud and chaotic, and my children are staggered rather nicely in age, I can’t imagine having three infants! Derek recently got back in touch with me and informed me that Intelligent Mommy would be going live on Thursday, March 21st, 2013. He also included a press release which explains what Intelligent Mommy is all about. Read it after the jump, and please share this post with all your parent-friends!!! Continue reading