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Cleaning Nightmares and Father’s Day…

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! This morning, BabyBoy and I got my Mister his favorite breakfast from Bob Evans. He enjoyed it. The girls have made Father’s Day card with their handprints on them, and when BabyBoy wakes up from his nap, he will make one with his hand and footprint in it.

I’d be remiss if I forgot my other favorite dads of all: My dad, my stepdad, and my grandfather. My stepfather is no longer with us, but is still loved and missed all the time. Continue reading


Depression: How Bad Was It, Merry?

Now that I can look back on the worst of my depression from the other side of the tunnel, I am shocked that I didn’t realize it sooner. I carefully kept everything under lock and key, safe from view. But I have been challenged by my friend Melissa to tell you the truth. Please take my tale as a warning, learn from my fail, whatever you will. Keep in mind as you read that I love my children with all my heart, and that never went away.

So. How bad was it? The short answer is really bad. The long answer is…well, longer. Continue reading

I am Not a Restaurant!

The bulk of my culinary repertoire is based on food I grew up eating as a girl of Irish/German/English heritage in the heart of PA Dutch country. I am gradually expanding my catalogue, but sometimes the fridge grows bare (shopping day is tomorrow), and one must improvise. Mister can be a picky eater at times. Things need to be made the way he grew up eating it.

Tonight, I was prepping sausage, because I was going to make sausage with sauteed onions, and pierogies. Mister walks into the kitchen, wrinkles his nose, and sighs. Continue reading

Consumer Review: Conscious Box – June 2012

The amazing folks at Conscious Box sent me their June 2012 box for review. For those of you who don’t know, Conscious Box is a subscription box service that for $12 a month plus S&H, sends you a box chock full of samples from eco-centric companies. According to their mission statement, “Conscious Box is committed to overcoming the problem of greenwashing. Used to describe deceptive business tactics that lead consumers to believe something is “green” when it really isn’t, “greenwashing” is rampant in today’s markets. We hope to educate, inform, and prevent consumers from falling for these tactics by providing them with products that are authentic and purposeful.”  ***Please see the end of this review for an exciting giveaway!*** Continue reading

Safe isn’t Always Safe…

ToddlerGirl totally saved her brother’s life today. Seriously. I was in the bathroom, with the door open (because otherwise the Apocalypse would take place in my house if I couldn’t see what the kids were doing), and I heard BabyBoy begin to cough, but it sounded weird. He was in his pack and play, so I thought he couldn’t get anything in there. Continue reading

Going in a New Direction…

ABMF has been my little sanctuary, a place where I could be honest about my day to day life, good, bad, and ugly. You’ve all been with me as I chronicled my struggle with post-partum depression, as I tried to find my own sense of self.

Thanks to Lexapro, I have gained my life back. I still have bad days where I want to cry and scream, and that’s okay. But I enjoy my children again. I simply cannot come up with a post-length diatribe of how horrid my days are anymore, and for that, I am extremely thankful. Continue reading

This is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things…

Today, rather than vacuum and tidy up in the morning, I instead took a shower, did my hair, put in my contacts, and put on makeup. I felt gorgeous and awesome and I thought, “Well maybe the kids and I will do something today”. ToddlerGirl wanted to go to “the baby store”, so off we went. I was happy, I felt pretty, and awesome.

Big mistake. We get to the store and ToddlerGirl wants to play Fruit Ninja on my phone. I hand it to her, as Mister always lets her play on his phone when we’re out. All of a sudden…”Mommy I dropped your phone!” I turn around, pick up the battery cover, snap it back on, and flip it over, at which point my heart falls into my stomach, smashes through it, and hits the floor. The glass LCD cover is cracked. Not cracked. Splintered. Fractured. I dunno. It was broken. Continue reading