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The Issues: The A-word, part II

(Or, in which Merry peacefully confronts the people holding the gruesome sign outside the women’s clinic.)

A rare treat for you, my dear readers. I say a treat, because I am a very non-confrontational person. I shy away from arguments, fights, etc, when it comes to people I don’t know. If you and I were to have an argument, it means I am comfortable with you.

Previously, I had posted about the people outside our local womens’ clinic. I’ve linked it, so if you haven’t read it, I highly advise you do so, because it pertains greatly to what I am about to say. I’ll wait here after the jump.  Continue reading


The Issues: The A-word

I don’t usually post about hot-button issues. You know what they are…the social/political/moral/ethical topics that, brought up at the wrong time, can rip apart even the best friendships/closest families/most loving partners. Today, I have been moved to speak on one.

Abortion. You’re either pro-life or pro-choice, according to most people on either side. I beg to differ. See, I am pro-choice…though I must confess that, as I age and progress in motherhood and life, and read more and more stories about women who do not practice safe sex and use abortion as their birth control, I get more and more in the view of “Even if it can’t be outlawed, gosh darn there need to be better regulations in place.” I think that it’s sad that some women can’t be bothered to take a pill every day, or, I don’t know…make him wrap it up for Pete’s sake…literally…(there is such a thing as Planned Parenthood for low-cost and/or free birth control) but seem to feel no qualms about getting an abortion every time they get knocked up.

Abortion would never be an option for me unless my life was in immediate danger. I have three children, and I have an obligation to them to kind of be alive to shepherd them through life. So yes, if my obstetrician told me “This is what’s going on with the baby you’re carrying (no, I am not pregnant at the present time), and your life is in very real, very probable danger if you continue this pregnancy”, I would, in all likelihood, terminate the pregnancy. Of course, I would get second and third opinions, but if it were to be reiterated that there was a very real and probably chance that the pregnancy would kill me, for whatever reason, be it something wrong with the baby, or something with my body, I would end my pregnancy. I would not do it with joy in my heart. I would be sad beyond belief, but I have three children who still need me to stick around. Continue reading

Who I am…

Another blogger group challenge…I am supposed to tell you who I am…We all know I am a mom and, for all intents and purposes, a wife.

But I am also so much more.
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