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You’re Pregnant!

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Yes. You ARE.

No, I am not pregnant. Maybe you are, and maybe this just might be your first baby…congratulations!! Becoming a mom for the first time (and second, third, etc.) is an amazing, life-changing experience! I know, I know…everyone says that. If you had a dollar for every time someone said it to you, amirite?  Continue reading


The Bump and AMC Theatres Bring Your Baby Matinee!

Okay, so yesterday I posted about what The Bump Bring Your Baby Matinee is all about, and today, I had the chance to go see “The Amazing Spiderman”.

I have to admit, I’m not big on Spiderman, but I had seen the previews and thought it looked interesting. Continue reading

TheBump.com and AMC Theatres Present: Bring Your Baby Matinees!!!

I got an email a week or so ago from Courtney at theBump.com asking me if I would be interested in covering a new offering for parents called The Bump Bring Your Baby Matinee. They’ve partnered with AMC Theatres in 68 theaters across the country to bring this event to the public.

How it works is this: at noon on the first Tuesday of every month, those 68 theaters will offer a baby-friendly atmosphere in which parents can connect, share advice and parental fellowship, and catch a movie too! If the baby cries, that’s okay! If you need to nurse your baby, go right ahead! And the theater is stroller friendly for the showing. The lights are a little brighter and the sound on the movie isn’t blaring, so babies won’t be startled. Continue reading

TIME Magazine thinks I fail as a Mother.

The Mom-o-sphere is abuzz with chatter about TIME Magazine’s cover and accompanying article on extended breastfeeding and what is called “Attachment Parenting”.

Quite honestly, I am not comfortable with the grouping of mothers into categories based on parenting methods. I believe it promotes discord, divisiveness, and competition. Women screaming out that they are “GRANOLA! I’M A CRUNCHY GRANOLA MOM!!” or “Mothering? Surely you jest. Little Elizabeth Clancy van der Puupen has the best nannies and tutors money can buy.” It doesn’t fricking matter. As long as you’re raising your kid with love and avoiding being Mommie Dearest, who the heck cares how you’re raising your kid? Continue reading

Insecurities are but a House of Cards…

There is one piece of advice I unfailingly offer to any couple I know that is expecting a baby.

Be good to each other. Always, always, be good to each other. Make the time for each other, because your kid(s) isn’t(aren’t) just going to hand it to you. A relationship is not easy, and like a child, it needs care.

You may wonder if there’s a point to my stupid ramblings. Continue reading

Best Supporting Actor Award goes to…

Mr. Wench. Though it should be “Best Supporting Person Award”, since he isn’t acting (to my knowledge). This pregnancy, Mr. Wench has done a complete 180 as far as how he was with our second daughter’s birth. He was the one who brought up not circumcising, and fully supports my decision to nurse. He also brought up his concerns about my experience with the epidural last time, and stated that, should I decide to go natural, would fully support me in that attempt. Continue reading

4 Week Crash Course…

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Wth is a ‘pee-pee tee-pee’, and why do I HAVE to get one?

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! However, I have moved my blog (and by extenstion, this post)! To proceed to what you were looking for, simply click on this link: http://babymakesfive.com/2011/09/4-week-crash-course-about-birth-plan/