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We Have Moved!!!

ABMF is now in dotcom form! Please visit us at: http://www.babymakesfive.com!

I will no longer post on this site, but will keep it up for now until I am sure that I’ve successfully migrated everything from here over to the new site. Please make sure to update your bookmarks!

Consumer Review: Healthy Surprise Subscription Box

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I was given the opportunity to review Healthy Surprise, a monthly subscription box service that delivers healthy snacks.

Okay, Merry, there’s a ton of ‘healthy snack’-type subscription boxes out there…what makes Healthy Surprise different? Continue reading

Giveaway! Win a 3-month subscription for Conscious Box!!!

Back in June of last year, I was asked to review Conscious Box, a monthly subscription service that delivers boxes packed full of eco-centric products. You can see the box I reviewed in the photo above. At the time, Conscious Box was a fledgling company, and nearly a year later, they have exploded…in a good way!

I absolutely LOVED my Conscious Box (check out the review here), and a couple of days ago, they reached out to me to run a giveaway again. This time, the prize is three times as awesome as the last giveaway (a Conscious Box)…

Continue reading

Consumer Review: La Bella Box February 2013

labellaboxfeb2013 Continue reading

Consumer Review: La Bella Box December 2012


Many, many apologies for the delay in this review. I also must confess something. I didn’t take that picture. It’s from the La Bella Box Facebook page. Why am I not using a picture I took? Because, unfortunately, the contents of the box were devoured before I remembered “Oh crepes! I needed to take a pretty picture!”. Continue reading

Consumer Review: Ecocentric Mom Baby Box Review July 2012

Ecocentric Mom’s July Baby Box

The awesome people at Ecocentric Mom sent me their Baby box to review, and wow, is it ever a great deal!

What is Ecocentric Mom? Ecocentric Mom is a new subscription box service that, for $17 a month (free shipping!!!), sends you a box full of healthy, organic goodies depending on which box you choose. They have Mom, Mom-to-Be, and Baby boxes to choose from. I was sent the Baby box. Continue reading

The Natural Newborn – Bug Stopper Soap

I mentioned Bug Stopper Soap from The Natural Newborn a couple entries back when I did my review of the Conscious Box. I stated that I had not yet had a chance to try it, but would let you all know when I did.

Through a letter to the Kansas City Attachment Parenting Forums, I became slightly acquainted with Christina Alba, who is the owner of the Natural Newborn (and a bunch of other nice ladies who got a kick out of my tongue-in-cheek letter…hi gals!), and she requested that I let her know what I thought of Bug Stopper Soap when I got a chance to try it. Continue reading