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Summer Spritzer (Wine)

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I love me some wine…and I love light, fresh drinks like this one.

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Old-Fashioned Strawberry Shortcake

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Bent on Bento…

Here at Casa de Wench, I try to have my children make healthy eating choices, to fall into a lifelong love of a balanced diet including fruits and veggies. We’ve struggled with this, many a time…until I came across Bento Lunches. Bento lunches are based on the idea of healthier foods with appealing presentation.

Desperate to have something work, I began packing these lunches for SchoolGirl to take to school. Lo and behold, these little things work like a charm. Kids will eat almost anything if it is visually appealing. I am an amateur at making these, so it started out with, believe it or not, a fattening quiche. I am in love with quiche and will buy it on sale, because somehow, these easy to make pies of egg, bacon, cheese, and various other ingredients run $8. I had bought premade pie crusts, and after lining the pie pan for my big quiche, I had another pie crust left over. My eyes fell on my muffin tin, and a light bulb went off. I could make mini-quiches. Continue reading