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You’re Pregnant!

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Yes. You ARE.

No, I am not pregnant. Maybe you are, and maybe this just might be your first baby…congratulations!! Becoming a mom for the first time (and second, third, etc.) is an amazing, life-changing experience! I know, I know…everyone says that. If you had a dollar for every time someone said it to you, amirite?  Continue reading


Robin Williams…

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Rest in Peace, Robin Williams

Robin Williams was found dead in his home yesterday, of an apparent suicide. It’s well-known that he struggled through his life with severe depression. There are very few celebrities that I have felt sorrow as if I almost knew them, but Robin is one of them. I grew up on his movies, and when I’d become an adult, I appreciated his dramatic roles and his very ‘grown-up’ stand-up comedy. I was shocked and saddened to read of his passing. Continue reading

The Addiction of Hatred…

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Yup…gonna have to learn to love this goofball…

It is, by far, easier to hate than it is to love. Hatred becomes an addiction simply for the fact that it requires no effort to maintain. It is much more difficult to love, because it requires us to at least attempt to understand, to make the effort to find ground on which to be compassionate. You might think this is going to be a post on the general quickness of society to hate that which is not understood rather than make the effort to love. It is not.  Continue reading

You Can’t Be Superman…

You just can’t

So I’m participating in NaBloPoMo this year. There are lots of places you can go to get inspiration, in the form of prompts, quotes, questions, etc. You get the idea. One such prompt I came across was “Blog about something that is your greatest hurdle in life”.

Profound. I could list the material things: our house is too small, our finances are tight (and really, in this economy, so are a lot of other people’s finances), I still feel like I’m too fat though I have held at 152 for a while now and 152 is precisely 65lbs better than 217… Continue reading

The Tale of the Merry Wench, part 1: Ramble On…

(or…”In which Merry gains weight, makes some bad choices, loses weight, makes some more bad choices, loses weight, and, in the process of turning it all around, has three beautiful kids within 8 years who, while she loves them, completely wreck her body…”)

Readers, I have been feeling…inspired? No…um, impressed upon? Yes…I have been feeling impressed upon to share my story. Let you get to know me a little better. I will not know how long this will be until I am done writing, but if it gets too long (I can be rather wordy at times), I will split it in parts. In the event that I mention anyone outside of the Wench household by name, that name will have been changed. Continue reading

Pervasive Parental Paranoia…

It must be alliteration day, that title is even making me roll my eyes, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out a better one. It fits like an Isotoner glove.

I’ve written over at Mom-Spot.com a couple of times, I am a contributing blogger there, though with everything we have been going through in Casa de Wench, with illnesses, and other issues, I only recently submitted another blog after an absence of a couple months.

I was going to write about my temper (towards poor Mister…not towards my kids, never towards them), and how sometimes I feel I need anger management, or at the very least, couples counseling with the Mister, and relationship issues, but that can wait. It seems *this* entry is pressing against the front of my head more urgently. Continue reading

I have what now???

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been diagnosed with ADHD.

I grew up in a time when ADD and ADHD were something boys had. I was raised with the belief that most of those boys were just being boys, and were being medicated so their parents could deal with them.

I never imagined that there was, quite literally, a method to my madness. Continue reading