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Attitude of Gratitude…

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My dearest children,

Someday, you will come to me, thinking that maybe you aren’t cut out for this whole ‘parenting’ thing. You’ll confess to me that you feel like an awful person because sometimes, your precious children can act…just really, really annoying.

Maybe not being able to pee without an audience will be the catalyst. I will share a tale of a bath I tried to take, after BabyBoy had gone to bed, only to find that one of you ‘had to poop’…three times…and one of you ‘just wanted to watch you, Mommy’… Continue reading


Pervasive Parental Paranoia…

It must be alliteration day, that title is even making me roll my eyes, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out a better one. It fits like an Isotoner glove.

I’ve written over at Mom-Spot.com a couple of times, I am a contributing blogger there, though with everything we have been going through in Casa de Wench, with illnesses, and other issues, I only recently submitted another blog after an absence of a couple months.

I was going to write about my temper (towards poor Mister…not towards my kids, never towards them), and how sometimes I feel I need anger management, or at the very least, couples counseling with the Mister, and relationship issues, but that can wait. It seems *this* entry is pressing against the front of my head more urgently. Continue reading

A Letter to My Son…

Dear BabyBoy,

Right now, you are taking a rare nap and it’s all I can do to not wake you up and kiss you over and over and hug your precious body until you giggle.

One day, when you are a parent, you will understand why, once I have told you a story…I want to tell you about a precious little boy named Atticus Hansen. I read his story, and by the end of it, I was crying. I felt the ache in my heart that Atticus’s mother felt. Continue reading

Teaching Children Time-Management…

(Or: How SchoolGirl and ToddlerGirl always seem to wait to ask for something until I’m right in the middle of something)

It’s summer vacation time here at the Wench house, and that means a monkey wrench has been tossed into my fine-tuned routine. By fine tuned routine, I mean unending chaos. So it’s just more chaos today. Continue reading

Depression: How Bad Was It, Merry?

Now that I can look back on the worst of my depression from the other side of the tunnel, I am shocked that I didn’t realize it sooner. I carefully kept everything under lock and key, safe from view. But I have been challenged by my friend Melissa to tell you the truth. Please take my tale as a warning, learn from my fail, whatever you will. Keep in mind as you read that I love my children with all my heart, and that never went away.

So. How bad was it? The short answer is really bad. The long answer is…well, longer. Continue reading

The light at the end is a train…

Miraculously, here I am, still managing to muddle through my day with a high-maintenance ToddlerGirl and a nearly 3-month-old BabyBoy who is still not on any sort of schedule (I must have jinxed myself in my last entry…), and still not sleeping through the night. Neither BabyBoy or I have gotten much sleep…he was doing well…for two days.

Anyways…my friend over at Manifest Mom has challenged me to write something. She didn’t say what, so today’s post might jump around…a lot. Here we go… Continue reading

‘Tis the Season…

(Or: “Why is Mommy drinking so much eggnog?”)

Because it’s good. Anyways, you parents know what I mean…it’s that time of year when the children start thinking about what they want for Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/Saturnalia/Whatever. Okay, I’m way behind…kids think about that ALL YEAR LONG. But this is the time when they start acting like Santa has an unlimited budget. Santa does not. Santa cannot drop 300 dollars per child and toy stores seem to think I Santa can. I remember one year I asked for a beautiful Barbie with brown hair, a soft blue dress, and a pearl necklace (shut up you perverts). I did not get her. She was 7 dollars, if memory serves me right.

Continue reading