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Amazing Women, Part 1: Eva Mae…


My great-Grandma Myers and I, 1995. I was 12, she was 84.

Thursdays are what people on social media sites call “Throwback Thursday”. Usually you post an old picture of you, a family member, etc. Today, I’d posted up a picture of my maternal grandmother, my Nan-nan, along with a little blurb about her. Then I came across a picture of me with my great-grandmother, my father’s grandma. I went to share that one as well, but the blurb grew and grew, and so I feel like that picture deserves a blog entry. I’ll probably do one of my Nan-nan as well, because both of them were so very vital to me. Continue reading


Yes, I Yell at My Kids…

To be honest, I didn’t really think this was news. Is it? I mean, it isn’t news that I yell at my kids, but is it really news that other parents yell too?

I read an article today written by a woman who decided to stop yelling at her kids. Her reason was that her son said he felt fear whenever she yelled at him. Okay, I can totally get that. But here’s the thing… Continue reading

Thank you…

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That young man in the picture above is my stepfather, Bill. He served 3 tours over in Vietnam…unfortunately he was taken from us suddenly in December of 2008.

Thank a vet today. Thank a vet every time you meet one. Thank them.

Love and miss you all the time, Dad…
Semper Fi, ooooRaaahHH!

Music is My Medicine…

Blogging Prompt: Do you have music playlists organized by mood? Pick one and describe it.
Song Prompt: My “Songs for the Depressed” playlist

Why yes, I DO have my playlists organized by my mood. Right now, the playlist I have been listening to the most is “Songs for the Depressed”. Contrary to what you may think, there isn’t just sad music on there, and it isn’t a list of the most happy, upbeat songs I could find. Because yeah, I like to listen to songs that will make me feel slightly better about things, but you know what? Sometimes that sadness needs to be fed so that it may be purged in the end. Let’s take a look at my “Songs for the Depressed” playlist… Continue reading

So I Flunked NaBloPoMo…

I didn’t make a post yesterday.

I intended to, but I ended up caving and taking a painkiller for my shoulder (I have a tear in my rotator cuff), and ended up passing out…when I woke up, it was no longer yesterday, but officially today.

However, I posted two entries on the first of November, and I have an ultra-valid excuse for not posting yesterday. I know that technically, I have officially flunked NaBloPoMo, but I feel like I haven’t failed the spirit of it.

Also, the nightmares haven’t stopped and I feel like maybe you guys are tired of reading along as I try to muddle through the depression they’ve thrown me into.

I still hate myself today. Hopefully I’ll get a more meaningful post up later, my second for today.

What a Day…

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No amazing words of wisdom/open epiphanies/random venting/product reviewing today, kids…But here’s a pic of The Rock. See you tomorrow.

I’ll get a post up each day…

Even if it kills me.

Okay, maybe not that dramatic…but even if it pains me.

Injured shoulder means just this silly little update posted from my phone.

I’ll do y’all proud tomorrow. 🙂

Keep writing, my friends.